It's Offical: Business Owner

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I wrote this when I started my business in September 2019. 

Officially A Business Owner
As I had mentioned in my first past after a few months, I am a Business Owner/Boss/CEO. Oh but I still work and am studying too. A multifaceted woman I am. And I am proud of this. Earlystars is my baby. It took me a lot of time, patience and determination to start and follow through with this company. Within this post I will be discussing the ‘EUREKA’ moment and my review of the first few months of setting up my company.
I have been working as a professional for about 10 years and I wouldn’t have it any way. I have been fortunate to have held some Senior roles within my profession. Learning skills and building the knowledge I need to be the best in the game. (Or as it were.) I have had some supportive and great colleagues who I still look up to, to this day. Those who I have learnt a lot from, some of who I still work in collaboration with today. I am glad to say most of who are still close friends of mine and contact them for life and professional advice.
Lets get straight into it the moment I realised I wanted to be my own boss.

The lightbulb finally switched on in my mind about my future and what I wanted to accomplish. Although it can be said that what you plan never really goes to how you plan. Having a goal though never hurt anyone, and this is a mantra that I live, work and play by. Having so many professional opportunities given to me through a growing customer group I decided to start my company but give the jobs to close family and friends. When I couldn’t do the job myself, kind of like a subcontractor. Customers wanted ‘Alonyo’ to with them. And sometimes it became difficult to keep the customers happy. So I grew a team so that those with my similar dispositions could go and work. They are working on their own terms and because they love the job. That’s how Earlystars originally started. Having built upon the skills of creating I decided to take my idea one step further. Learning how to create a website, App and programmes. I embarked on creating content for the professionals within the area. Making it accessible for all. In my various roles within the industry I had created content. The only thing I had to was update and seek approval for images to allow me to sell. (I will discuss this in a later post within this series.)

So what is it like to own a business? Let me tell you this it is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. There is a misconception of a CEO. No one ever tells you the lows but only the promotion of their business. I have seen how my brother has dealt with his own business (NUTTHING) and after watching him graft I knew a business owner was my next step. Imagine I looked at my younger brother for inspiration. He is doing things and I am so proud of everything that he continues to attain. I have put in long evenings, cancelled social events because I set myself deadlines. And it’s difficult because you want to be there for family and friends but it sometimes takes a toll on all areas of your life.  From dealing with time management to dealing with customers and contributors it can be too much. There are a lot of areas which sometimes you may oversee, and that need immediate action. It continues to be my biggest teacher of the Business and corporate world. I wouldn’t change it for anything!!!

Phew the first one written! I knew I wanted to write a piece like this. But I didn’t know how to write something that is so personal but with a professional spin on it. (Or vice versa.) There will be a lot coming from the CEO edition. If there are any questions which you have about Business or where to start? (I am not an expert everything I am learning this through the experience of it all.) Please let me know.

12th April 2020
I have been able to concentrate on the business some more. I will be doing an updated blog very soon. 

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Let me know your questions. Have you started a business? What stage are you at?
And what are you doing to keep those business goals alive? 
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X Alonyo X 

Skincare Tips

Different times of the year, lead to different types of products being great on your skin. And I am slowly coming out of using some these products being used in my skincare routine.
Currently my skin is annoyingly changing on a daily basis. One day it wants to be glowing without product the next day we have 2 spots on the cheek. And the next day its dry. There is no consistency. However my skincare routines and tips remain:
Some of the skincare products I use. 

Tip 1
When you wake up and head to the bathroom. Wash your face straight away with cold water. Wake up and wake your face up. It opens pores which allows products to work better on the skin. (Not an expert but have been told this.And my skin thanks me everyday for it.)

Tip 2
Try to change products from time to time. As your skin will become use to products and will not  'glow' accordingly. I usually change some products when I have run out. Or if I want to try a new product which has a special offer.

Tip 3
Keep day and night skincare products separate. Use different products for the different times of the day.

Tip 4
Take make up off at the end of the day. Or at least before you go to bed. There is nothing worst than seeing your face on the nice clean pillow cases the next morning. Not to mention it is not good for your skin.

Tip 5
Feel your skin out. Although follow the instructions on the product. If your skin feels itchy before the 10 mins stated on the product remove immediately. Your skin is one of the most delicate parts of your body. Protect it.

Tip 6
SPF, in the sun, on your face use SPF products. Most if not all foundations have SPF in them now. USE IT.
A different layout. 

Products I use.
(Click for the link.)

Make Up wipes -Wilko

What are your skin routines? What tips are you following?
X Alonyo X 

Diary Week 4: Everyday is the Same

Saturday 18th April 2020

These days feel like just one not fun holiday. Yet we continue to say thank you to the frontliners.

I spent most of the weekend sorting and organising the blog posts. Something I enjoy doing at the moment. As I have so many ideas and cannot wait to get them out in the blogs. I also managed to do a required food shop.

The daily workouts I am doing keep my fitness as well as my mental health at its best. But on Monday it was the 1000 reps challenge. Which at first I thought was going to be difficult. Turns out that was a breeze. If anything is to come out of the daily workouts for me is that my fitness is going to be amazing.

Thursday saw my first ever Insta live. I sat down to have a chat with Dr Sarru. It was a great chat which I be able to add soon. I will be adding it AKO: Lets Talk . Over the next few weeks I will be having online discussions with a range of women all over the world. So stay tuned to what will be happening.

This week ended on a good but very tiring note. All of a sudden I have been feeling a little drained and not wanted to do anything. So I haven't done as much as I probably should have by the end of the week. But next week is a new one and a different routine will kick in.

What kind of activities have you been up to? How do you keep going?
X Alonyo X 

Breakfast Recipe: Oats Bowl

Its taken me a while to feel like I can enjoy my breakfast. And to be honest I never really made an effort for breakfast. I was more of a buy an unhealthy breakfast from near work type of person. All of those unneeded sugars and an abundance of coffees. NOT required and also just spent alot of money on those things.

Anyways here we are enjoying breakfast out in the garden. And as I am a creature of habit I like the same type of breakfast everyday. I call it the Oats Bowl. I have taken inspiration from a variations of recipes I have found online.

110g Porridge Oats
Almond/Coconut Milk
Tablespoon of honey
Teaspoon of Chia Seeds
Breaklie (Breakfast selfie.) 
Teaspoons of flax seeds
Cinnamon (for taste)
Handful of blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. (All or just one.)

1. In a saucepan add the oats, milk and cinnamon, mix together.
2.Bring the mixture to a slight boil.
3.Whilst the mixture is boiling, slice the berries.
4.Place the oat mixture into your favorite bowl.
5.Add honey, and then sprinkle flax seeds and the chia seeds.
6.Finally add the berries and then its done.

It is such a simple and easy recipe to follow. But one of the most filling breakfasts that you could ever had. If you are on a stricter diet do less oats and more berries. The fresher the berries the better. However you can still use frozen berries. The juices of the berries make the oats bowl look like a dessert. Its a great dessert for all the family too. Get the children to help by cutting the strawberries as you watch them do so.

Let me know what are your favorite breakfast recipes. 
X Alonyo X


Loungewear: Comfort over everything

Being comfortable at home is the only way to live to be honest. The current stay at home situation means that we as a nation are probably wearing more loungewear now than ever. From Zoom meetings to fitness workouts I have some of the best to offer with all different price points.

£25 and under trousers and shorts

£25 and under Tops

In the situation we find ourselves in, we want to be able to wear comfortable trousers and a smart top. Well that's most people. I just accept the fact that I want to be comfortable head to toe. So I wear a whole tracksuit or lounge wear if I want to.

£100 and under bottoms

£100 and under tops
The best thing about wearing lounge wear is that you can mix and match how you see fit. If you want to wear your heels with the outfit. No one will even know. You know wear in those shoes you ordered the other day. (Don't worry I wont tell anyone.)

Luxury bottoms

Luxury tops

I am currently writing this in 25 degrees weather in LONDON. Yes London. As it becomes warmer you may decided to switch things up with a pair of shorts or a vest. I am wearing a lot more vests recently and am loving life. The other day when I was bored and decided to wear something comfy but matching I decided to wear this from Uniqlo. However I am not sure if they have it still available online anymore so have linked alternatives.

Shop my look

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How are you styling outfits? What is your go to piece of clothing? 
X Alonyo X 

Diary Week 3: Plodding Through

Friday 10th April 2020

Wow, here I am writing about the last week shenanigans. How are you all? And what have you been up to?
Breakfast of champions

I have been thinking how I am going to write this weeks diary entry. I was caught between writing like: on Monday I did this.....  Or Throughout the week I did.....

I started my Friday with a workout in the sun. Which was amazing to say the least. I have started to enjoy working out in the heat. By the time the online workout sessions start the Sun is at its highest and therefore very hot. It intensifies the workout no end. Talk about workouts Mondays (6th April) session humbled me to the point I had to crawl up the stairs in the house.
The best drink ever. 

I haven't really done alot of baking. Not as much as previous weeks. As I too be honest I have not really had the time. If I haven't been working on these projects and doing online courses, I have been resting and relaxing. Letting my mind wonder from time to time has been incredible to say the least.
Product shots in the sun

The weekend it was warm and the sun was out. So I decided to take a few product shots for the blog. Having ticked it off the list of things to do. I was ecstatic  I also managed to do my  only shop of the week. It is a strange kind of weird when you are allowed your personal space when shopping. Of course it is for the good of everyone but it is a nice feeling.
A perfect salad

Wednesday was the day I didn't manage to sit at the laptop to do any work. Why I hear you ask? Well because it was an open all of the delivery day. As well as organise and declutter. And as I sit here to write this I still have a pile of clothes on my chair in on are of the room. Am I going o tackle it? We shall see if I can be bothered by the end of the day.

But an exclusive for you all is that I am in the process of launching something in the within 2 weeks. And I am so excited to do so.

On to the new week. Lets goo.
I hope you are all staying safe. Let me know what you have been up to? 
X Alonyo X

My Forever Piece: Louis Vuitton-Speedy

(In this post there are affiliate links within.)
Loving the Louis 2017

I have been looking through my clothes, bags and shoes recently and realised that 1. I have A LOT of stuff. 2.Everything has to be streamlined. (This will be going into a future blog post.) Yes a cliche declutter and organise post and maybe video is definitely on the way. 

Out of the 'STUFF' I have,this is the one thing that I will never get rid of. My Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 bag. Which I brought in Paris's Galleries Lafayette. After spending the best part of half a year saving for it. The bag was £550 back then. Now a brand new one is £805.(Which is a wow.)  

I don't use it everyday because quite frankly it is not a very practical bag. The size is fantastic though. I carry a lot when I travel. From a change of clothes if I am on a long haul flight,  I believe the bag was used a lot by the likes of Audrey Hepburn. Originally the Speedy was though of as a compact luggage bag.  I do however use it as my hand luggage no matter where I am going. Some may look at the monogram print and think 'tacky'. Not me I think vintage classic, a style that will never get old.

I have found a few similar Speedy bag at the fraction of the cost.
what designer bags have you invested in? What are you saving for?
X Alonyo X

Currently Watching and Listening

Its a cabin fever situation going on. And so many of my friends and family have been asking recently "What are you watching?" My answer is usually a documentary on Netflix. But as we are not sure how long we are going to remain in this current situation I am really trying to watch a episode a day of a series. I say try in the loosest of terms. So I thought I would do a list of things I am watching and even a playlist of what I am currently listening to.....


TIGER KING - Netflix
It is a 7 episode series on the 'celebrity' Joe exotic. Well I mean now he probably is a celebrity of some pro
potions. The story behind the animal trade in the USA. And how some people were exploiting animals. I watched it as it was being advertised on my Netflix. And also I enjoy a documentary. I already became disgusted in the fact that these animals are not even in their habitat. But that's a discussion for a different blog post. A very theatrical documentaries. If you haven't watched it do so, if anything some aspects are hilariously funny. As you don't ever think some of these situations could ever happen.

Yes, admitingly I do watch IGTV like that. I watch my daily workouts on the 'gram' and I am here for it. IGTV has definitely seen an explosion recently, as we go through the current situation. I have been following various business/entrepreneurial accounts. And have been watching some of the question times they have uploaded. Just to give me pointers on being a business owner as well as being the best Boss Woman , I know I can be. This is the time to utilise those type of outlets to gain more skills.

I have always been watching a bit of YouTube. And all of of a sudden there has been an abundance of  de clutter and organisation videos. Which I love, its my guilty pleasure. I watch everything from podcasts and music videos. (I am old school like that.)

From watching/listening to music videos on YouTube. I do love the add sing song to a Disney film too. On my commute to work I used to listen to more podcasts but now being at home I am finding me doing this less and less. But I am listening to a small range of tunes on the Spotify. Here is a recent list of my current favorites:

What movies and series are you watching? What is the ultimate playlist for chilling in the garden or cleaning the house top to bottom?

Xx Alonyo xX

Friendship 2020 edition

So when I launched my first post about this subject of friendship this is what I had written:

17th September 2017
I celebrated my birthday recently and realised as I get older and somewhat wiser I have come to realise that sometimes its okay to just let people be. The last few weeks has shown me what the definition of friendship really means....

Lets see the definition of  Friendship (Which I googled as you do): "A state of mutual trust and support between allied nations." The word TRUST and SUPPORT are popping out to me. I have come to realise that its not always just that even though those are the foundations to any friendship and relationship. My immediate group of friends I trust and I know I could probably count them on two hands. I think of friends as family you have picked and they have picked you. Whether its old school friends, work colleagues or people you have a common interest with it could be anyone. I think I am at a point in my life where if you don't have neither characteristics then its a "Bye!" (Felicia voice!) "Nice to see you!" 

Putting an age on a friendship means absolutely nothing. People say that how long you have known the person plays a big part on a continuous friendship.I don't agree I have some friendships I that are older than my sister, there are only 2 I value. One of my other amazing friends said "If you have
friends over 7 years they are more than friends they are family." As I mentioned earlier I definitely agree on that front. 

What this article was trying to get at is that I am comfortable with my friends right now. I appreciate them a lot and I hope they know that. 

2nd April 2020
Sister-a female friend.That has chosen you and you have chosen them. (Alonyo Kilama-Oceng)
Fast forward to the present day. And obviously in the current situation maintaining friendships in a face to face way is far more difficult. However there is nothing a Whatsapp Group or House Party room cannot  sort out. In my now older days I have to say not much has changed. I mean, I think I only engage with genuine people now in a personal sense. And although everyone has something going in their individual lives, I know I can call them (my sisters.) and they can call me whenever. From giving me their opinions no matter how harsh at times. To girly  trips abroad . The highs and lows but they always there. Plus we are always in contact with each other. Not only are these ladies my friends but they are my sisters and the appreciation is beyond what I can write.

In recent years I have reconnected with someone who I used to hangout growing up. I think the last time I saw her was when we were 4/5 years. When we saw each other at a function it was like, time hadn't gone by. I mean we are of a certain mature age now but energies matched. So glad I can still call her a sister.
So lucky to have the crew/group/gang I still have. This is more of ANOTHER appreciation for them. After all they say behind every successful woman there is a whole tribe of equally successful women too. 

How are you keeping in contact with your love ones? Are new apps featuring heavily in daily chats?
X Alonyo X


Diary Week 2: Fastforward Time

Saturday 4th April 2020

Breakfast is served
Its a beautiful day, sun is shining and I am feeling great. I am writing this a day later to what I had scheduled. But here we go. What have I been doing this last week? Can you imagine some of you have been in isolation for 3 weeks now. That's crazy to think that this has been the new normal for nearly a month for some. But we are here and you are reading this. 

Weights in the morning
The week started off rather grey, but I didn't allow to change my mood. I was buzzing. It was 7.00am wake up. I hear you ask 'Why is she up so early? She has nowhere to go.' But in actual fact that's my body clock and how I am functioning. I did a workout and meditate all before 8.30. (All of this is in a routine I have uploaded.) 

The rest of the week went rather quick too. I went into work on the Tuesday as I am a key worker. And it was a nice break from being at home. My workouts continued all week however my eating has not been the best. Eating at the wrong times not to mention eating the wrong things. But at least I am making majority of the goodies myself. And as the weather gets better I love eating outside and also less. 
A gift from me to me

Another thing is that I have been receiving packages. Yes I am still shopping for things I need and some that I don't need. So equipment has come in for me to start a new project. Which I will be launching on my INSTAGRAM (which may give you a clue.) And also another order I made for something from a certain online store. Which you will see very soon on a post or two. 

The vegan salad bowl
I have been reading  a lot more. And listening/watching more business podcasts and videos. And it has all been a learning curve for me. Putting a lot of things into play. So over the next few weeks will be putting a book reviews as well as podcast lists up on the blog. (So stay tuned). 

How have you been getting through this week? What have you changed in your routine?

Xx Alonyo xX

The Beauty of a Routine

Two weeks in and at some points, I am sure like you that are reading this there have been mixed emotions. At this point there only a few things we can control. Like the routine, our daily routines.
I for one am very particular in how I spend my days. This is how my day goes:

(On a 24 hour clock)
7.15: Wake up, out of bed brush teeth . Straight into workout clothes. 
7.25: Get ready and set for the workout.  I am doing the Ciara London workouts nearly 24 hours later. (May change this, but so far this fits with what I am doing.) 
8.30: Workout done.
8.30-8.40: Yoga/meditation 
8.40-9.00: Breakfast. This is also the time which I surf the social media accounts and interact with others. May even watch a clip from a recent Real Housewives series. Yes I know its one of my guilty pleasures. 
Beautiful sunset  recently. 
9.00-9.20: Shower and get ready for the day. I dont put any make up however because where am I going. But a little spritz of perfume to make it seem that I am going out to work. 
9.20-11.00: Tackle the 'TO-DO' list which I  have written from the night before in the diary.
11.00-11.30: Break, like I would have a tea break at work. Need one at home too. A cup of coffee which I may still take back to the laptop. 
11.30-13.00: Continue on work, it may be a blog post, or an online course.
13.00-14.30: Make lunch and eat it. I make a big lunch so I dont eat as much in the afternoon/evening.
14.30-17.00: Continue the 'TO-DO' list.
17.00: WORK IS DONE!!!

I finish at 5 PM because mentally I am probably drained at that point. After it all I may decide to go on a walk, even if its just around the block. 

what are your home routines? And how do you tackle your 'TO-DO' lists? 
X Alonyo X


Dublin: Rewind

.... The Photo album...

I have lost count into these isolation days. I probably shouldn't but I do find myself flicking through old photos and videos. Mainly of holidays and trips away. Again another form of escapism that's giving me the reminder that when this is all over, I am travelling even more.

Back in April 2017 of 2017, I headed with my best friend to Dublin for a few days. And this is what we got up to. Before you scroll down and have a look at the photos. Small disclaimer: There are no reviews of restaurants as it was over 3 years ago now. Enjoy............

Leading up to Dublin Castle

The chandelier in Dublin Castle

The beautiful hallway in Dublin Castle 

The Guinness Factory

The Courthouse by the jail. 

Scary jail doors. 

Ancient Jail doors

The oldest prison in Dublin

Inside the jailhouse. 

Before the execution area. 

Beautiful lights in Dublin Castle 

More lights 

Guinness Factory

Artifacts at the factory

In the factory

 Dublin is 100% a place to visit.....
Which cities have you visited? Why not share some photos over on the socials, lets reminisce together. 

X Alonyo X

Diary Week 1: Living on a movie set.

 Friday 27th March 2020
'Its like we are living a movie but we are not.' Everyday when I talk to family and friends this is what I am saying. But so grateful for being able to write this and do so much within the house. 

I sit here on a reflective post thinking about what happened under 15 hours ago. The whole of the UK stopped and clapped for our fantastic NHS workers. It made me appreciate that we as the British public are so lucky. We can access within health care instantly. And they are working flat out. Any information follow their guidelines : . 
Breakfast in the sun. 

Fortunately I have been able to work, as a key worker its important that a service that I provide can still be accessed by those who require it. And to be honest I feel a sense of relief that I am able to get out of my local area. Even for a few hours a week. Social distancing is a thing . We are following all government guidelines. And the weather has been great for us to use open spaces within the vicinity too. To be honest I have spent a lot of my time in the garden, which I have enjoyed. We can still all get that vitamin C , our body needs. Even if you are opening windows in a flat or sitting out on a balcony. Let your skin be blessed with the humble touch of the suns rays. 

Socialising is something that of course is difficult. But not with the House Party app. That has revloutionised how facetimes are. You can play games with others even though they are not physically in front of you. Like WHAT?? That's a thing?! Yes it is. Lunchtimes are either eating with family or making that call to someone for minimum one hour. Trust me when i say that hour goes by too quickly. 

After a morning workout, Its Yoga. 

Working on everything, from projects I have been putting off to working through the goals I set at the beginning of the year. There is always a more prominent reminder as I look at my vision board. However some I continue to smash like the workouts I was doing at least 3 a week. Now I am doing one a day. In my head I am maintaining my health and fitness.

Already from this I have too much to write. Various tips and recipes, and just what I am doing daily. Lets go .......

What are you all doing? 

Xx Alonyo xX 


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