Winter Style: The Coat and Jacket Edit

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We are fully in Winter. Technically we are in Autumn but some days its colder than others. I am sure the temperature was at 3 degrees at some point during an early morning. So we are in Winter  in the UK. Here are some of the coziest and practical coats and jackets you will need in your wardrobe.

Teddy Coats - The fuzzy, warm and luxurious. Has slowly become a classic in recent years. An investment for years to come. 

Coats- Any length from a practical trench coat to a coat with a hood. Some of the best and simple styles which can layered in this cooler weather. 

Puffer Jackets - A classic in so many ways. I use to wear these in school in a variety of colours. And they are very practical. Some may think for youngsters but anyone can wear them. 

As I find myself walking a lot more. I always want to wear a different coat depending on the walking attire. Some of these I have and some are on my 'to get' list. 
What are your favourite coats? How do you style each coat? 
X Alonyo X 


  1. I'm obsessed with teddy coats, as well as teddy blankets! I live in a warm country so I hardly wear coats but whenever I visit my boyfriend in the UK I make sure to make use of all the coats I have!

    ✨ Marissa Belle × ✨

    1. I own 4 Teddy coats in different styles and colours. They are now a staple part of my winter wardrobe. Love them.

  2. I adore teddy coats and want to get my hands on a beige one xx


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