End of Summer Fashions.....

Its the last few weeks of summer, it hurts to write that. Summer this year has been absolutely great in so many ways. I thought I would share some of my fashion favourites that I have worn that could be taken into the first few weeks into September at least. As you know September is usually quite warm in the UK, but also if you are going abroad like the UAE its obviously HOT. 

White trainers 
A crisp pair of trainers is perfect with any outfit. And if you are not sure what you are doing add a pair of all white trainers you are winning. I wear with a dress of with a trouser suit for a twist on a corporate look. It has become a part of my classic wardrobe. 

For the last few months I have been loving the colour green. It can be khaki or bright I love green and will wear it in so many ways. From blouses, trousers to dresses.

Classic Bags 
I have only realised that I have a few bags on rotation when it comes to summer. I either want a neutral colour which goes with everything or a bag that pops. Here are a few of my favourite that may also see you into the cooler months too.>

What items are you taking into the autumn months? What colours have you experimented with this summer? 

Full Moon Energy

Every night and evening nature gives us the best reminder that remains the moon. And at certain times of the year it is at the strongest. The power of the full moon can be intense in so many ways. And sometimes without realising it instantly there are a few changes. 

Here are a few things that I do during the 24 hours before or after a full moon.  


It can be anything or any place. Sometimes I do a huge clear out of my bag as I have a pile of receipts and other things that I do not need. When I look at certain areas within my home if I feel it looks too messy  I will take everything out of that space and give it a wipe down and throw aspects out. Recently I cleared out my magazine collection. (I am an avid Vogue collector.) However recently I wanted to streamline my collection and now have a 'look' for my collection of  magazines. It is important to use the full moon energy to get rid of things in your life that do not suit any purpose. 


Everyday I write what I will concentrate on that day, week or month. And it allows me to have a focus. All visions are part of the bigger and ultimate goal and aim. Having a vision encourages productivity and progression. By writing them down or even including them on a vision board reminds us that these are the things that are on the way. But also gives us an idea of how we may come to all those things whether in the short term or long term. 


Cleanse the crystals. Whether it is the amethyst that you carry in your bag or its the rose quartz you have in your bag, even the crystal bracelet that you wear everyday. Clean them. Allow the water to run a little bit and put in a into a ceramic bowl with Himalayan salts. Keep out for 24 hours during the full moon. Keep outside so it is exposed to maximum sunlight and moonlight but if not the window sill great too. 


Meditating is the most peaceful part of my daily routine. I always do so in the morning before a busy day, but sometimes after a stressful day I will also meditate. It is calming and during the full moon sometimes I have gone through the most strongest of emotions which is a huge a relief. 


As mentioned earlier writing in regards to the vision is very important. But also writing aspects of your life in which you are grateful for. Gratitude journals allowing you to appreciate what you are grateful for in life. And sometimes when you need reminders you can go back and reflect on different aspects of your life. It is all part of growth. 

Enjoy the power of the Sturgeon Full Moon, and the beauty which comes with it. 

X Alonyo X 

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