London: Places to Walk

 One of the things and I’m sure I have written about it. Is that I love to walk. Long walks and short walks. Walks with a view of just city walks seriously enjoying what is on the doorstep. There have been so many local hotspots that I would pass on the car. It now I have been able to explore. Because let’s face it once upon a time that was all we were ‘allowed’ to do.

Hampstead Heath
It’s the homes and properties around the Heath for me. No it’s not it’s the little boutiques surrounding the Heath, no it’s the views. Hampstead Heath is one of the biggest and the best outdoor spaces situated in North West of London. With entrances  in different pockets of that part of London. There is so much to see. Woodland of the Heath is amazing for playing hide and seek with friends and family. So much wildlife from the birds to the Deers and the beautiful swans. Did I mention the views of the whole of London from various points in Hampstead Heath. You can see everything from there.

Alexandra Palace
I’m not sure what the park or green area around the palace is called. Nonetheless there are some exceptional views from this palace which is based in North London. With some shaded wood areas there is also flat greenery perfect for picnics. One of the days I went there there was a farmers market close by which was nice. And I had the most delicious doughnut. Nice little thing to do on a Sunday afternoon before heading
home for Sunday dinner.

HW common
Most towns in London have a common. But near to where I used to live. There is a lot of wildlife to be see . I’ve walked to this particular common before and and then spent hours there. But on occasion it gets waterlogged and it’s sometimes fun to get the wellies out and have a little walk.   

Where have you been walking? What other activities have you been doing outdoors?
XAlonyo X

Dear Diary: May 2021

I know we are way into the month of June, a lot  has been happening and wanted to share a few of the last month with you. 

Dear Diary  

Love this style of writing so will be doing this every so often on the blog. So here it is.....

TikTok Hype
So I recently went to a restaurant in the North West London area. And saw the Instagram stories and TikTok videos. As much I would like to do a full review I’m not going to. Just a learnt lesson. I thing too deep but please do your own research. And don’t trust some of the reviews on tripadvisor. Because there are ways of restaurants to get around securing excellent reviews.

So as we are moving towards lesser and and no restrictions seeing a lot more people out and about is just what we need. The sun has been shining recently and I am so here for it. Hopefully this continues into the next few weeks in fact I hope it continues into the height of the summer.

I have been slacking. And I feel it in me. From my behavior and attitude. But will get there. Looking to go back once my routine is bit more flexible.
28th May: Have done exercise for the last 3 days and I feel so good about it.

I’m getting my teeth into the blogposts that I have planned. The content that I intend to create I’m looking forward to. All the new concepts and the ideas that I have written just need to put into action.

What have you been up to recently? Do you like this style of writing?

X Alonyo X

Best of the Summer Sales 2021

Its that time of the year when sops are doing their sales online and instore. You may find better deals as you go in store and sometimes more items online. However having the best discounts around is what counts. So I had a look to see what is out there. But currently I am on a shopping ban, but I can still look for others right. Here are a few of my favourite shops which have the best sales. 


Oliver Bonas

There is a lot out there. What will you buy?
Happy Shopping.
 X Alonyo X

Tips on Sustainability: June 2021


Sustainability has been thrown around in the lowest of terms. Some even saying it’s been a buzz word, dare I say it a fashionable word. Whether I say it or not, I continue to be more and more sustainable. A few things I have learnt along the way and through other blogs. Where some I have adapted to my current needs and then maintained them.


This could be a plastic bottle or an item of clothing. With plastic bottles you can use them and use them until they are completely ruined. Further still store things in them first before trying to recycle them. With clothes if it is an item that is old and tatty, you can cut them up and use them as cleaning cloths around the house. Save yourself some money and use it as cleaning rags.

Glass instead of plastic
Plastic is great because it doesn’t break and in some cases maybe cheaper. Glass on the other hand because it is made from sand particles is already better for you to drink from and use. Glass bottles will last longer. All my juices which I make I decant into glass bottles. Can even use the glass jars as mini flower vases. I have two one on each side of the bed. I love my flowers and try to keep them as long as I can. 

Eat more fruit and veg.
Although I am nearly Vegan it’s easier for me to say ‘Just eat more fruit and veg’ . It’s a process but for sure. Add different fruit and vegetables to your meals. By eating less meat you are reducing greenhouse emissions, it’s really that simple. The other day I added raspberries to a basic salad with cucumber lettuce and tomatoes and voila best salad ever. I have also got some recipes here at (link cookbook.)

Turn off
When you leave a room turn the lights. After you have watched tv turn it off at the mains. I will go as far to say turn the Wifi off before you go to bed. Wifi is powerful at the best of times and although we may need it during the day for listening to music, watching YouTube and even working through zooms, why do we need it when we are going to sleep.

One of the easiest ways of getting around. Hopping into a car is more convenient but walking can be great to clear your mind not just the air. Or take public transport, that’s one way of reducing pollution.

These are some of the things I regularly do. The biggest change I have made though is the storage of my food in glass containers. Sometimes it is heavier to take out with me but so much more worth it. As I realise the impact I am having on the environment.

What kind of changes do you continue to make in your life?
XAlonyo X

Fashion Trend: Green

(Disclaimer: There are affiliate links throughout this blogpost.) 

 Its the season for colours, the vibrancy of summer is what I love the most. From the intricate patterns and this season floral print is out there. Which to be honest is not my favourite. However the colour green is what I love. And I have been spending a little it of money on this colour and injecting the colour of the season into my wardrobe. 

I am going to start off with the jumpsuits. Jumpsuits suit everyone and they are so easy to wear. As my weight fluctuates and my figure changes ever so slightly I have managed to keep all m jumpsuits and wear them year in. Here are a few from my favourite brands....

You may not want an overall green look. But can also introduce one aspect of your outfit in the form of a top, shirt or blouse. Here are a few of my favourites that I have seen.....

And on that occasion you may need a skirt, shorts or trousers to encourage the green in you outfits. I have seen a few that a different perfect shades of green.
But if you are still not sure on how to inject the green into your wardrobe. You can also add the perfect coloured accessory. Some of these pieces are very sort after and I am thinking what accessory should be purchased.


Tips on Dealing With Stress

 As we go back to a 'normal' social life and life in general, some of us may be going through the motion of feeling anxiety and stress. Recently I have been feeling the latter more and have slowly been able to deal and manage stress levels.  I recognised that stress came from work, life balance. So here are some of my tips to deal with stress. 

A small disclaimer there are a few items in this post with affiliate links. 

Tip 1: Exercise

This one I have to say, is just so crucial to my day. I enjoy working out in the morning before I start my day. It gets me thinking and it destresses me and somewhat relaxes me to. From Yoga to Hiit. Most of last year I was out of the gym and maintained my workouts. However having recently joining the gym again I am back switching my exercise between  both. 

Tip 2: Hydrate

You may not realise that drinking water is so good for you.  Its generally good for you and there's something about a chilled bottle of water that is so soothing for me. Alongside that drink teas, I tend to draw for fruity teas with a spoonful of honey. Night tea from Pukka is great to have in the evenings before bed because it has scents of  lavender, which I love. 

Tip 3: Mediate

Whether it is 5,10 or 60 minutes meditation is so integral in controlling your stress levels. In the morning as soon as I get out of bed I meditate for 10 minutes as I need to get my mind right for the day. I also will do 30 minutes at the end of the day. Light some candles and incents and the instant feeling of relaxation will surround you.


Tip 4: Write 

One way of destressing I find is by writing. I have a notebook in my beside drawers. If I feel stressed out I write all my thoughts before bed. And I sleep so much better for it. Same way when I wake up and if I have a lot on my mind that also gets written up so I can reset before the start of a working day. Another thing is to write lists, the todo lists and having them ticked off is so satisfying. It allows you to focus on important tasks but then makes you feel great when you have achieved the rest too.


Tip 5: Outdoor

I have come to realise that taking a walk during breaks whilst working on assignments has allowed me to destress my mind a bit more. Now the weather is warmer and the days are longer, if you can work out in the outdoors do so. I recommend it. It may be the sounds of the birds depending on where you live or just being in fresh air. Not only that it is a change of the working scenery which may be what you need to de stress. 

What works for you? What other activities do you suggest in order to destress?

X Alonyo X 


Dear Diary April 2021

 It’s been a long time coming but the UK is semi open. We are able to go shopping and out to eat providing the restaurants has an outdoor space. And I’m here for it.

Here’s a little round up on what I’ve been up to and places to eat......

I headed out to Oxford Street on the Monday. And to my surprise it wasn’t as busy as it could have been. Although I’ve been working, I wasn’t used to the intensity of how many people were in Selfridges. P’Mark was a no go for us because the queues were major. As there are a few Zara stores in the West End we managed to go to 2 as we were looking for various items. Over the last few weeks I have been creating a more curated wardrobe and there for have only bought items that I will wear for years to come. 

Eating Out
I’ve been to a few places to go out to eat, as I write this I will be putting myself on a eating out ban. And of recent went to Alto restaurant based on the rooftop of Selfridges. The only thing about eating at the moment is that it’s still pretty cold in the UK, so you need a huge coat on top of a cute outfit.They are great to do from time to time. The money I save is amazing too.

Things to do
I have been continuing my walks, whilst the weather is great it’s just good to get out and go for a walk. Enjoying the sun and days out with friends of families. And I need to get those steps in throughout the weekend.

The blog
As I’m coming towards the end of training in a professional capacity, regular posts will be scheduled from the first week of June. It’s has been rather difficult to concentrate on this blog whilst studying and working on other things.

What’s new
As I have not been uploading much recently, I have had to change my blog schedule. I will be posting every 2 weeks for the time being. I miss my full blogging schedule but for now this is the best way until all my deadlines are complete. I cannot wait to get back to the blog and continue with the best routine. I cannot wait to show new content.

Fast forward a whole month....

Dear diary,

We are so close to the end of this entire thing. We can eat out with friends which I have not been doing so much of until this week. We are only able to Portugal without the least amount of hassle. Which I will take to be honest. And most importantly we are ‘allowed’ to see family and friends.

2020 was the year of learning for most of not all people around the globe. Whether they learnt new skills or just learnt how to be still or alone. 2021 is the year of reflection and growth in other ways too. Or at least that’s how I feel.

What have I been up to.....

Working on a major business project. My next professional move is just about to start and couldn’t be more excited, proud and anxious.
I have been training and writing essays throughout the last few months and that has also come to an end. Which has meant that blogging has been on the back burner. But as mentioned earlier I am back. With fresh new content and too much to write about.

I have continued to go on some of the most beautiful walks. Exploring new areas and old areas within London. For example Alexander palace and the views from there.

So tell a friend is back!!!!
What would you like to see more of? What topics have been playing on your mind?

X Alonyo X
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