My Forever Piece: Louis Vuitton-Speedy

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Loving the Louis 2017

I have been looking through my clothes, bags and shoes recently and realised that 1. I have A LOT of stuff. 2.Everything has to be streamlined. (This will be going into a future blog post.) Yes a cliche declutter and organise post and maybe video is definitely on the way. 

Out of the 'STUFF' I have,this is the one thing that I will never get rid of. My Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 bag. Which I brought in Paris's Galleries Lafayette. After spending the best part of half a year saving for it. The bag was £550 back then. Now a brand new one is £805.(Which is a wow.)  

I don't use it everyday because quite frankly it is not a very practical bag. The size is fantastic though. I carry a lot when I travel. From a change of clothes if I am on a long haul flight,  I believe the bag was used a lot by the likes of Audrey Hepburn. Originally the Speedy was though of as a compact luggage bag.  I do however use it as my hand luggage no matter where I am going. Some may look at the monogram print and think 'tacky'. Not me I think vintage classic, a style that will never get old.

I have found a few similar Speedy bag at the fraction of the cost.
what designer bags have you invested in? What are you saving for?
X Alonyo X

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