Summer Dress Edit 2020

We can socialise on a slightly bigger scale now, not every week zoom parties actual gatherings in parks and brunch with the girls. Finally am able to wear outfits which I had planned to wear. And after a great clear out EBAY (click the link.)  recently I have more space to fill. And I am loving dresses at the moment. 
Here are a few of my favorites that I am thinking about purchasing .............

Spottydress-New Look

Black Dress- New Look
Bright Red Satin Dress-New Look 

Dusky Pink Rhubarb mini tea dress

Yellow Floral Dress-Ted Baker 

JoliƩ Maxi Dress
Pink puff sleeve dress - New Look 

Some are currently on the way to me as I sit and type this up. I can wear most with canvas trainers, birkenstocks or wedges. 

What will you be buying? And what looks are you going out with?

                                           X Alonyo X 



  1. I love summer dresses and you've featured some lovely ones. That green spotty one is gorgeous

    1. I know I like that one too. Recently purchased and so glad we can get out there and wear beautiful dresses.

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