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Different times of the year, lead to different types of products being great on your skin. And I am slowly coming out of using some these products being used in my skincare routine.
Currently my skin is annoyingly changing on a daily basis. One day it wants to be glowing without product the next day we have 2 spots on the cheek. And the next day its dry. There is no consistency. However my skincare routines and tips remain:
Some of the skincare products I use. 

Tip 1
When you wake up and head to the bathroom. Wash your face straight away with cold water. Wake up and wake your face up. It opens pores which allows products to work better on the skin. (Not an expert but have been told this.And my skin thanks me everyday for it.)

Tip 2
Try to change products from time to time. As your skin will become use to products and will not  'glow' accordingly. I usually change some products when I have run out. Or if I want to try a new product which has a special offer.

Tip 3
Keep day and night skincare products separate. Use different products for the different times of the day.

Tip 4
Take make up off at the end of the day. Or at least before you go to bed. There is nothing worst than seeing your face on the nice clean pillow cases the next morning. Not to mention it is not good for your skin.

Tip 5
Feel your skin out. Although follow the instructions on the product. If your skin feels itchy before the 10 mins stated on the product remove immediately. Your skin is one of the most delicate parts of your body. Protect it.

Tip 6
SPF, in the sun, on your face use SPF products. Most if not all foundations have SPF in them now. USE IT.
A different layout. 

Products I use.
(Click for the link.)

Make Up wipes -Wilko

What are your skin routines? What tips are you following?
X Alonyo X 

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