The Beauty of a Routine

Two weeks in and at some points, I am sure like you that are reading this there have been mixed emotions. At this point there only a few things we can control. Like the routine, our daily routines.
I for one am very particular in how I spend my days. This is how my day goes:

(On a 24 hour clock)
7.15: Wake up, out of bed brush teeth . Straight into workout clothes. 
7.25: Get ready and set for the workout.  I am doing the Ciara London workouts nearly 24 hours later. (May change this, but so far this fits with what I am doing.) 
8.30: Workout done.
8.30-8.40: Yoga/meditation 
8.40-9.00: Breakfast. This is also the time which I surf the social media accounts and interact with others. May even watch a clip from a recent Real Housewives series. Yes I know its one of my guilty pleasures. 
Beautiful sunset  recently. 
9.00-9.20: Shower and get ready for the day. I dont put any make up however because where am I going. But a little spritz of perfume to make it seem that I am going out to work. 
9.20-11.00: Tackle the 'TO-DO' list which I  have written from the night before in the diary.
11.00-11.30: Break, like I would have a tea break at work. Need one at home too. A cup of coffee which I may still take back to the laptop. 
11.30-13.00: Continue on work, it may be a blog post, or an online course.
13.00-14.30: Make lunch and eat it. I make a big lunch so I dont eat as much in the afternoon/evening.
14.30-17.00: Continue the 'TO-DO' list.
17.00: WORK IS DONE!!!

I finish at 5 PM because mentally I am probably drained at that point. After it all I may decide to go on a walk, even if its just around the block. 

what are your home routines? And how do you tackle your 'TO-DO' lists? 
X Alonyo X


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