Diary Week 2: Fastforward Time

Saturday 4th April 2020

Breakfast is served
Its a beautiful day, sun is shining and I am feeling great. I am writing this a day later to what I had scheduled. But here we go. What have I been doing this last week? Can you imagine some of you have been in isolation for 3 weeks now. That's crazy to think that this has been the new normal for nearly a month for some. But we are here and you are reading this. 

Weights in the morning
The week started off rather grey, but I didn't allow to change my mood. I was buzzing. It was 7.00am wake up. I hear you ask 'Why is she up so early? She has nowhere to go.' But in actual fact that's my body clock and how I am functioning. I did a workout and meditate all before 8.30. (All of this is in a routine I have uploaded.) 

The rest of the week went rather quick too. I went into work on the Tuesday as I am a key worker. And it was a nice break from being at home. My workouts continued all week however my eating has not been the best. Eating at the wrong times not to mention eating the wrong things. But at least I am making majority of the goodies myself. And as the weather gets better I love eating outside and also less. 
A gift from me to me

Another thing is that I have been receiving packages. Yes I am still shopping for things I need and some that I don't need. So equipment has come in for me to start a new project. Which I will be launching on my INSTAGRAM (which may give you a clue.) And also another order I made for something from a certain online store. Which you will see very soon on a post or two. 

The vegan salad bowl
I have been reading  a lot more. And listening/watching more business podcasts and videos. And it has all been a learning curve for me. Putting a lot of things into play. So over the next few weeks will be putting a book reviews as well as podcast lists up on the blog. (So stay tuned). 

How have you been getting through this week? What have you changed in your routine?

Xx Alonyo xX

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