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It has been a while since I wrote a dear diary style blog post. Thought I would do one just for myself really. Back to the online journal style.

Set the scene it’s a Saturday evening I’ve done the weekly food shop, cleaned the house, done some PR ,eaten ackee and saltfish dumpling and whilst writing this am watching Harry Potter.
In the UK we have hit Autumn, it’s cold. I have the heating on and I intend to live in UGG boots throughout this chilly season. The fashion looks I have prepared for these seasons. I cannot wait.

I haven’t been given so much effort towards the blog. And guess what we are back in business. With different and more exciting content coming out. The schedule remains the same, every five days. So random days each week. Which you my wonderful readers and subscribers tend to prefer.

New release
Over the last few months like a lot of others around the world I have been baking and cooking. Creating treats for myself and those around me. I rarely buy ready made cakes and biscuits as I like to control the amount of sugar and fat I have in my foods. This change in diet has made me feel a lot better. I’m proud to say I have an EBOOK  out....... . I will be writing the process I went through for this.

What have you been up to? Have you changed any part of your routine? What are you looking forward to in Autumn/Winter?

X Alonyo X


Manicure Tips, Tricks and Products

(This post includes affiliate links.)

I am one of those people who likes to save their coins. If I can get more for my money, I'm that person. So when it comes to manicures and pedicures we have had to do without the experts doing it over the last few months. The one skill which I hoped to have perfected is the art of the manicure. Although I prefer the professionals to do the mani and pedi I learnt back in April how to do it Amateur-ional (Amateur/professional ish.) So thought I would share a few tips and tools which I swear by and have used to get the best manicure. Because at least you will know you can do it yourself. 

 Tools and Products I use : (Click photos for links.)
Mylee Set 
One of the best investments I have made. You get the gel remover and prep solutions within the set too. This one shown includes the nail polishes but I only bought two colours. 

Nail Filer
Something I take with me in my handbag. Keeps your nails jut the way you like it. 

Garnier Body
One of the best I use after giving myself a manicure. 

The Tips
Before starting the manicure make sure your nails are completely clean and dry. Refrain from using oils at least 30 mins before starting your manicure. 

Always use a top coat and base coat. You can use a topcoat as the base coat too. Even if it is a clean nail polish that will do too. 

If you are trying a brand new colour, try it on one nail before painting the rest of the fingernails. 

Paint a minimum of two coats as the nail will look smoother and it will last longer. Remember that too many coats will let the nails look too thick. 

If you are using the LED nail machine and you feel your finger or nails hurting instantly remove.

DO NOT use the LED machine 2 in the space of 24 hours. 

After the manicure use you favourite cream oil to give yourself ultimate salon feels. But without the price tag. 

I love giving myself a manicure on a Sunday, as it is the best day and I am so relaxed and chilled. So I can start the week with fresh nails. 

Do you enjoy doing your own pedicure or manicure? What other tips do you go by? 
X Alonyo X

Summer Shoe Collection: What I am wearing

The days are becoming hotter in the UK at least with minimum temperatures of the week now set at 24 degrees we are celebrating the hot days. 

For comfortability, its the one and only BIRKENSTOCK

Birkenstock Arizona 4Birkenstock Madrid Big Buckle 4

similar versions.......

Castaner Wedges with a floral mini dress, or a midi flowing dress. 

similar versions......
Public Desire Oprah 3

Converse for the casual look with jeans and a t shirt or with a mini dress. 
Converse All Star Oxford 4Converse All Star Hi 4

What have you been wearing? Does it depend on the outfit you are wearing? Are you a trainer person? 
 X Alonyo X

What's in My Breakfast Bowl

We are currently in a heatwave in the UK, for me I don't like to eat too much. However the morning bowl that I create on a regular basis is as follows. And the reason why I eat all of these things so early in the morning...

Sea moss gel
With its antiviral agents, as a gel it adds something to the smoothies or yoghurt based pots I enjoy. Sea Moss is mainly found in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea along coasts on the beautiful islands within that area. 

Full of antioxidants and minerals. It helps to flush out the digestive system whilst supporting the immune system. Can be sprinkled on anything and added to a smoothie. 

Currently one of my favourite fruits. I pick a box up every few days at the local grocers. Whenever I think I may not use straight away I put in the freezer or use in my baking. With its antioxidant qualities it is also known for helping to ease pains during the menstrual cycle. 

I have only recently started to appreciate these fruits. They are really sweet and because of this I don't use the agave syrup. A great source of vitamin A and C, iron and calcium. And like most berries has significant antioxidant qualities too. 

Have antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. There are a few different types including the flat type. Depending on how ripe they are they can become quite sweet and are soft to eat.

For more vegan based recipes follow:  Maleng Food

What are you currently eating for breakfast? What are your favourite dishes? 

X Alonyo X 

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