I have said this many a time, but I mean it the blogs are back. The first half of this year involved me needing to focus on what I had to do professionally. My dedication to that meant that anytime spent was to relax and enjoy being with friends and family. But I am back into the blogging aspect of my life. I will be writing about what I am currently doing. Also there will be a new addition to the pages of this site. (So have a look out.) 

What can you expect? A schedule for the blogs to be posted. I haven't  quite decided when but there will be a blogpost every 2 weeks. And a possible surprise or two during the months. As mentioned earlier I will be writing about what I have been enjoying, places I have been visiting and any recommendations. And the odd 'Dear Diary' entry. 

So lets go again, creating new blogs. The aim of my posts is to tell a story my way. To show the world through my eyes. 

XAlonyo X

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