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Its a cabin fever situation going on. And so many of my friends and family have been asking recently "What are you watching?" My answer is usually a documentary on Netflix. But as we are not sure how long we are going to remain in this current situation I am really trying to watch a episode a day of a series. I say try in the loosest of terms. So I thought I would do a list of things I am watching and even a playlist of what I am currently listening to.....


TIGER KING - Netflix
It is a 7 episode series on the 'celebrity' Joe exotic. Well I mean now he probably is a celebrity of some pro
potions. The story behind the animal trade in the USA. And how some people were exploiting animals. I watched it as it was being advertised on my Netflix. And also I enjoy a documentary. I already became disgusted in the fact that these animals are not even in their habitat. But that's a discussion for a different blog post. A very theatrical documentaries. If you haven't watched it do so, if anything some aspects are hilariously funny. As you don't ever think some of these situations could ever happen.

Yes, admitingly I do watch IGTV like that. I watch my daily workouts on the 'gram' and I am here for it. IGTV has definitely seen an explosion recently, as we go through the current situation. I have been following various business/entrepreneurial accounts. And have been watching some of the question times they have uploaded. Just to give me pointers on being a business owner as well as being the best Boss Woman , I know I can be. This is the time to utilise those type of outlets to gain more skills.

I have always been watching a bit of YouTube. And all of of a sudden there has been an abundance of  de clutter and organisation videos. Which I love, its my guilty pleasure. I watch everything from podcasts and music videos. (I am old school like that.)

From watching/listening to music videos on YouTube. I do love the add sing song to a Disney film too. On my commute to work I used to listen to more podcasts but now being at home I am finding me doing this less and less. But I am listening to a small range of tunes on the Spotify. Here is a recent list of my current favorites:

What movies and series are you watching? What is the ultimate playlist for chilling in the garden or cleaning the house top to bottom?

Xx Alonyo xX


  1. Love your list, I just finished (or caught up) on Little Fireflies Everywhere on Hulu. Its definitely a good watch. I am like you in that I listen to podcast daily going to work and have not done it since all of this begun as I have been WFH.

    1. Thanks. We find ourselves in a strange place. Media consumption has changed over the last few weeks. And I for one have realised that I am more visual person. Someone has told me about Little Fireflies. May have to add to my list of hings to watch.

  2. I love your list! I really need to watch Tiger King I have heard so many people talking about it I just haven't been able to find the time yet!

    1. Thanks Sarah. It is a great watch and have only just realised that there is a new extra episode. So will be watching it soon.


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