Diary Week 1: Living on a movie set.

 Friday 27th March 2020
'Its like we are living a movie but we are not.' Everyday when I talk to family and friends this is what I am saying. But so grateful for being able to write this and do so much within the house. 

I sit here on a reflective post thinking about what happened under 15 hours ago. The whole of the UK stopped and clapped for our fantastic NHS workers. It made me appreciate that we as the British public are so lucky. We can access within health care instantly. And they are working flat out. Any information follow their guidelines :  https://www.nhs.uk/ . 
Breakfast in the sun. 

Fortunately I have been able to work, as a key worker its important that a service that I provide can still be accessed by those who require it. And to be honest I feel a sense of relief that I am able to get out of my local area. Even for a few hours a week. Social distancing is a thing . We are following all government guidelines. And the weather has been great for us to use open spaces within the vicinity too. To be honest I have spent a lot of my time in the garden, which I have enjoyed. We can still all get that vitamin C , our body needs. Even if you are opening windows in a flat or sitting out on a balcony. Let your skin be blessed with the humble touch of the suns rays. 

Socialising is something that of course is difficult. But not with the House Party app. That has revloutionised how facetimes are. You can play games with others even though they are not physically in front of you. Like WHAT?? That's a thing?! Yes it is. Lunchtimes are either eating with family or making that call to someone for minimum one hour. Trust me when i say that hour goes by too quickly. 

After a morning workout, Its Yoga. 

Working on everything, from projects I have been putting off to working through the goals I set at the beginning of the year. There is always a more prominent reminder as I look at my vision board. However some I continue to smash like the workouts I was doing at least 3 a week. Now I am doing one a day. In my head I am maintaining my health and fitness.

Already from this I have too much to write. Various tips and recipes, and just what I am doing daily. Lets go .......

What are you all doing? 

Xx Alonyo xX 



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