Loungewear: Comfort over everything

Being comfortable at home is the only way to live to be honest. The current stay at home situation means that we as a nation are probably wearing more loungewear now than ever. From Zoom meetings to fitness workouts I have some of the best to offer with all different price points.

£25 and under trousers and shorts

£25 and under Tops

In the situation we find ourselves in, we want to be able to wear comfortable trousers and a smart top. Well that's most people. I just accept the fact that I want to be comfortable head to toe. So I wear a whole tracksuit or lounge wear if I want to.

£100 and under bottoms

£100 and under tops
The best thing about wearing lounge wear is that you can mix and match how you see fit. If you want to wear your heels with the outfit. No one will even know. You know wear in those shoes you ordered the other day. (Don't worry I wont tell anyone.)

Luxury bottoms

Luxury tops

I am currently writing this in 25 degrees weather in LONDON. Yes London. As it becomes warmer you may decided to switch things up with a pair of shorts or a vest. I am wearing a lot more vests recently and am loving life. The other day when I was bored and decided to wear something comfy but matching I decided to wear this from Uniqlo. However I am not sure if they have it still available online anymore so have linked alternatives.

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How are you styling outfits? What is your go to piece of clothing? 
X Alonyo X 

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