Life Lessons : Bday Edition 2022

 Its only right that I share a few things now that my birthday is here. Another eventful 365 days around the sun. And I have learnt even more about life I suppose. 

Mental Wellness- The most important thing is to make sure that my mental is well. Doing things that release all the stress and tension has become a priority to me. From yoga and working out and a nice brisk morning walk. Fresh air in my lungs is what I love. 

No Social Media - There are some days when I feel mentally exhausted. And decide to 'offload' various apps. I do so for sometimes an entire weekend or a lot longer depending on how I am feeling. Plus living in the moment is the way forward. One day I will get to a point when I have no phone days.

Friendships- This past two years I have many friendships go. But also started a few. And I am so content with the close ones I have around me. 

No Make up- Love a no make up day. But also recently condensed my make up collection. I have my classic products I use. And I know what works with my skin that I have got rid of everything else. Living a less cluttered life. 

This was a short and sweet one for my Bday Life lessons. The most important thing I have learn is just have fun and live your best life!!

X Alonyo X 


How to be Organised

 I have written 'How to Be Organised' tips and tricks a few times. But this is my 2022 guide on how I am maintain order and organisation in my life. Just a small disclaimer this is what works for me but you can try if you want. 

LISTS -Because you can tick the things you have done off. And that's one of life's best feelings, accomplishments. 

GOAL SETTING -Make it past of the lists or set aside from the list. Give you a focus and aim. Once accomplished its the best feeling. 

DIARY- Get one or use one. I use an actual diary which I can write in. If I am out and about without my diary it will get noted on my phone, then transferred to the diary.

COLOUR CODE- The most important parts of my life get different colours so I stay within my boundaries. And its Aesthetically pleasing to me, and anyone who wants to have  a nosey in my diary.

SCHEDULE- Like a diary schedule certain days or times of the das for particular tasks. 

PRIORITISE YOURSELF- This is probably the most important part of being organised. Without making sure your ok, you wont be able to be a successful organiser. 

I remember going to school and one of my teachers giving me the scheduling tip. And I laughed at her. Funny what you remember and take forward as an adult though. 

 How do you stay organise? Are you in school/uni/ college or going back to work?

X Alonyo X  


Sustainability 2022

 Once upon a time sustainability was the buzz word of the year. Not so much anymore although I hear it from time to time. Maybe because the cost of living is increasing at a rate that although many anticipated but never thought would come as quick as it has. That being said bringing costs down could be great for those who are sustainable in many areas of their lives. 

Don't get me wrong I am in no way the poster woman for everything 'green' and sustainable but I do my bit when and if I can. So here are a few tips of mine that can create a more sustainable and frugal life. 

Clearouts and cleanses

Not only are they great for the mind, body and soul but are excellent for putting money back into your pocket. There may be an area within your home that could do with a clear out. I recently did one for books and DVDs. Surprisingly enough there are people out there ready to buy DVDs. There are places where you can sell and buy a bargain from VINTED and DEPOP. Not only can you sell items that are in a decent condition and get some money from it. You can also gift or recycle certain items too. 

Glass jars

Another more obvious way in being some what sustainable is by using glass jars. You do not have to buy glass jars but can reuse the condiment/sauce jars. I use old jam jars to create my chia seed breakfasts. Or you can use the glass jars to have a warm drink. Not only that you can use glass jars to store other things. 

Say NO to plastic

Keep plastic use to a minimum. If you do try and use it as much as you can before getting rid of it. If you have children collect the clean bottles or food containers and take them into the local primary school. They always love those types of items for the junk modelling. 


There maybe items that you are not sure what to do with. Most items used now can be recycled. 

How have you started your sustainable living? 

X Alonyo X

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