What is 2023 looking like .....

Its that time of year when people feel like they have to change, set goals and bring newness in to their lives. I mean everyday to give an opportunity for that to happen but it seems a fresher start when it comes on the 1st of January. 

I have learnt a lot as we go into a new year. From lessons learnt from relationships in which I have or had. My work rate and relaxing/wellness rate. What things I value and appreciate. All of which have changed in someway. 

The planning has already started on what I am doing and I will be creating a brand new vision board. And I cannot wait. But there are a few changes and goals which I am willing to share as I feel many of you. ( My wonderful readers.) will be able to adapt, change or do in your lives. 

Wellness- This is the biggest aspect of my life that I continue to change. From yoga/meditation in the morning. To my daily journaling doing more things go calm my mind is all I am about. Walks and workouts have also kept my mind in a more relax space.  

Wardrobe change- I may have mentioned this in previous posts. But as my style has changed I have really began to reduce the clothing that I buy. I have had and continue to have the odd clear-out. My outerwear for Winter/Autumn is complete so I know I will not have to buy coats or jackets for a number of years. The next aspect I will be looking into buying a better basic tops collection as well as a better gym/fitness collection. 

Fitness- I have a love/hate relationship with this and it shifts during the year. I love the outdoors in the warmer months. I cannot stand going to the gym in the winter months when its night time outside it really discourages me to a morning workout. But January the 1st or before then I will be getting to grips with a brand new routine. And am really looking forward to it, as I will probably need it after all the festive indulgence. 

Sustainability- Trying to have a different approach to how I use the products I use. Using more glass containers instead of plastics ones which is a very obvious choice. Even the old jam jars i use keeping them and will be putting warm drinks in there for my car journeys. 

General life- I am doing a lot more reading this year. I bought books towards the end of 2022 and they were just collecting dust. Doing or more of what I love and enjoy. And less shopping for things I do not need. 

Do you have any New Year Resolutions? How will you make it a apart of your everyday life? 

X Alonyo X

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