Life Reset : Tips

 Sometimes in life you need a reset and re shift. For most people that may come every few years and for some as often as every month or more frequently every week. But needleless to say the body, soul and mind needs it from time to time. 

I have recently been going through that cycle of my life. And coming out of it not necessarily fitter but feeling light in other ways. And recently someone asked me how and why I have come out of it more enlightened than most would. My answer is this .... 


Give yourself the time to gather your thoughts. Mourn when and if you need to no matter what the situation maybe. It allows you to shed the person that you were and allows you to heal in a more natural period of time. 


The power of no is sometimes the best power and we can control when we use it. Say No to things that do not align with your mantra, ideals and lifestyle. 

Get Out 

When I am in need of a major reset I will go on a holiday. Or just up and get away somewhere. It allows you to be in a different environment. Sometimes a new scenery gives you a different perspective on everything in which you have going on. 


I always say that exercise is sometimes the best medicine for a lot of things. And I am so glad I can get back into my exercise routines. 


Being out in nature is just as important as exercise. Being in fresh air does wonders for the mind, body and soul. I love a woodland walk, and sometimes depending on the temperature I do like walking through the rain as well. 

Ultimately do whatever makes YOU happy. 

Half way through the year already and I am fully implementing this as the normal in my life. 

What kind of things do you do to reset? 

X Alonyo X 

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