Diary Week 4: Everyday is the Same

Saturday 18th April 2020

These days feel like just one not fun holiday. Yet we continue to say thank you to the frontliners.

I spent most of the weekend sorting and organising the blog posts. Something I enjoy doing at the moment. As I have so many ideas and cannot wait to get them out in the blogs. I also managed to do a required food shop.

The daily workouts I am doing keep my fitness as well as my mental health at its best. But on Monday it was the 1000 reps challenge. Which at first I thought was going to be difficult. Turns out that was a breeze. If anything is to come out of the daily workouts for me is that my fitness is going to be amazing.

Thursday saw my first ever Insta live. I sat down to have a chat with Dr Sarru. It was a great chat which I be able to add soon. I will be adding it AKO: Lets Talk . Over the next few weeks I will be having online discussions with a range of women all over the world. So stay tuned to what will be happening.

This week ended on a good but very tiring note. All of a sudden I have been feeling a little drained and not wanted to do anything. So I haven't done as much as I probably should have by the end of the week. But next week is a new one and a different routine will kick in.

What kind of activities have you been up to? How do you keep going?
X Alonyo X 

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