In The End, It Was All About Love: A Book review

 It arrived the book, the book that I wanted to read for the longest time. However it has only been out less than 24 hours before I ordered it. Forgetting I had already preordered a copy. But cannot have too many of these books.

It’s a quaint size, small to fit in a bag. A colorful cover but with the simplest of titles and it’s the author Musa Okwonga that has grabbed my attention. I’ve read many of his work before hand and thoroughly enjoyed every read.

A disclaimer is that this is not going to be a full, heavy review but just enough to wet your appetite. Because quite frankly you just need to go and buy the book yourself. It is compiled by three chapters each starting with a poem. My favourite is the final poem, which will get you emotional but allows you to rest assure that sometimes you are not the only who has gone through some things. Throughout the book he writes about his experiences as a 30 something. From when he first began living in Berlin to the visit to the mother land of Uganda. It’s a a fantastic read which makes you realise that most life experiences happen to everyone.

Final say:
A honest review of ones life. An easy Saturday read, with a REAL understanding on the impact of emotions. A MUST read.

What books are you reading? Has your reading patterns changed over the last year? 

 X Alonyo X 

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