Tips on Decluttering Your Wardrobe

Every month I do a clear out of my wardrobe. And believe me when I say it is one of the best feelings in the world. To get rid of things you do not use or need. Clearing your space and your mind. You know what they say 'A clear space is a clear mind.' Here are a few tips I do whilst decluttering and having a good old clear out of my wardrobe. 

1 Put some music or your favourite movie in the background. A movie that is fun or even a YouTube Video that will give you some inspiration. I tend to put a house music playlist or Disney film.

2 Get all the clothes and shoes, bags and accessories out and put them on a clean floor. Then you can see all you have. Take all clothes of the hangers and empty any storage containers which hold the clothes in.
Everything out and lay on the floor. 

3 Once everything is out. As yourself these questions:
    Does it fit?
    Have I worn in the last 6 months?
    Is it my style?
If the answer to any of these or all of these questions is NO. Then put it in the GET RID pile.

4 If you come across similar garments in the same colours and style, maybe consider getting rid of one. Preferably the one that looks more worn out.

5 Also ask yourself these questions:
   Is it worn out?
   Do I have another one of these?
   Do I like it?
If the answer to any of these is YES. Then get rid of it.

6 If you are unsure about any item of clothing try them on in front of the mirror, If you feel good wearing it or holding it in your hand then keep it.

7 When you are going through the clothes that you do not want any more. Think about if you would like to give to charity, family or sell.

8 Now you have the clothes you would like to sell think about where you can sell it. Depending on the item. I have a few of my ex wardrobe items on EBAY.   

Try and get everyone in your household to do it. Having some more time of our hands means we can do the tasks that we tried to put off.
And organised.
What are your golden tips? Is it difficult for you to get rid of clothes? 
X Alonyo X 

The Pink Hues....

Because its a Pink Day.

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As I become older and I would like to think somewhat more experimental. I am starting to appreciate the colour pink. Pink clothes, pink acessories and pink accents in the home. 

Now I have done the thing of putting myself on a 6 week ban from buying any clothes, bags or shoes. But that does not  mean that you cannot buy them yourself though. However last month I did decide to buy these:  

Some of the items I have brought over the last few weeks. 
(Click the photo for the link.) 

And while some of us are slowly getting to socialising with friends whilst maintaining, social distancing and also going back to offices. A few pieces that I have been eyeing up are as follows.


 I wanted to go on and on with a huge list, but I feel there are a few pieces for a different blog post and also for the time when I am buying again. Theses were some of the most standout pink items I have seen. 6 Week ban may be broken though. (EEK)

What kind of colour palettes are you into? And how do you incorporate the colour pink into your wardrobe. 
X Alonyo X

How to Stay Motivated

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Its taken some time to get use to the 'New Normal' , a lot has changed around us. (You are probably sick of reading these few words.) But it is true some changes have been for the good. But how to remain motivated remains in the forefront of the minds of most of us. Here are a few tips that I have kept in maintaining motivation in the most positive way possible.

Vision Board
Every so often I will update my vision board. And due to recent circumstances that the world is in I have had more time to reassess what means more to me. Also I have successfully ticked many aspects of the vision board of. One of them was to relaunch my blog. (Here we are.) A vision board gives you a focus and may work as an inspiration everyday. My vision board is right opposite my bed so I can be reminded when I wake.

Listing in itself may appear as a chore. But it is probably one of the most therapeutic things that I can do with my time. Create a list at the start of the day or at the end of the day. A list of things you want to achieve. Its completely up to you if you want to do it for the week or for each day. Make sure it is manageable. I only have 5 things on my daily to do list, if I get through them quick enough I then go on to the next day.
Some items I use:

It can be a nice long walk in the mornings or a mid day workout. I have come to realise that this is a great way to reconnect. A good workout can be the best when you want to break up your daily routine. Morning exercise before work and pump the endorphin's to get you ready for the day. I love doing a run on a Monday morning it sets the tone for the rest of the week, that it will be a success.

Outfit link below.
If you are not in the 'normal' working environment and are currently working from home. Pick up the phone or send a message to colleagues and friends. Host a group chat, but don't just talk about work though. I have only just started hosting a family sister session every Sunday. And it is great. We hold each other lovingly accountable to the goals which were set the previous week, its a peaceful space for all to share goals and express positivity before the start of the week.

When your body and mind tells you that it has had enough. Listen to it. Take the nap that you need again to break up your day. Put your favourite tunes on in the back as you sit and do wind down for the latter part of the working day. It works, if I could play music whilst I do all my work I would but , I know some of my concentration will go out the window.

How do you stay motivated? What are you go tips on staying motivated? 
X Alonyo X

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Last Week of May : The End?

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I have really enjoyed writing my diary enteries on the blog. Granted I have not written on here in a while. But there has been quite a lot going on behind the scenes. Not to mention the fact that these lock down restrictions have been eased.

I have been continuing with the baking and it has been fun. Adapting the intake of sugar, making my scones and cookies less sweet but adding the berries instead. (Recipes coming soon.) I am enjoying this baking side of domestic bliss, to be honest I love the smells within the house.

As you read this it will be after the 1st of June. Can you believe that? Half of the year done!The world is going through a lot right now and media is doing a lot. There is too much I want to write but just how is another thing altogether. Sometimes knowing the best way to articulate yourself is difficult as reading text can be interpreted in different ways.

A way of me dealing with what I can control, is the cleansing of my spaces. Doing clear outs is my thing. I add items to my Ebay (Link) every 2 weeks. So why not go and grab a bargain.

Next week I will resume my weekly dairy entries. As we go into a new normal. What kind of topics would like discussed on the blog?

X Alonyo X

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