Christmas Gifts : Black Owned Businesses


I love a gift guide and to be honest I love getting friends and family different kind of gifts. Also I have talented friends and family who have their own businesses. So a gift from me to you is here. A list of a variety of Black Owned companies that I love, featuring very different products and services.

For the Sneaker/Trainer head
Sneakerneak showcases trainers. Not just any trainers or sneakers but those that are limited edition

kicks or those that we cannot find ourselves. Some may see them as a plug. Sneakerneek prides itself on direct postage but can also come to your door to deliver the different kind of kicks they have available. 

For the Beauty Woman and Man
2026 based in North West London. The asethics of this beauty shop is on par with some of Central London’s elite beauty shops. Providing the best in manicures and pedicures. The ONLY place I know that does slush luxury pedicures. Not to mention the service is above anything else, alongside the staff who are amazing at what they do.  Consider booking treatments for someone you love. Because they will definitely appreciate it.

                                   For those who take pride in looking after themselves.
Atura Naturals. Let’s face it there are quite a few Shea butter beauty brands out there. But Atura Natrurals is above them all. Using Nilotic Shea butter its richness creates the soft intensity of the skin. And alongside the butter they have launched a beard oil recently, so can also purchase something for the man with a beard in your life.

For the dessert lover.
Crumble Connoisseur, the delicious tastes of connoisseur’s crumbles. With the Apple crumbles that would make you break all your diet plans and healthy eating. The sweetness of the crumble with the slight tang of the apples. The best crumble creator for sure. There’s no excuses because they even whip up a vegan crumble. Not just a gift, but I’m sure you could have Christmas Day dessert covered and
wouldn’t even have to lift a finger either. (See don’t say I don’t have your back.)

For the luxury/designer lover.
Daniel Diyepriye, recently launched designer. Everything on the site I want to be honest. The jigsaw patterned bags are very unique but the looks of them is quality. Real leather, black, red and grey. With different price points from the slimline pouches to the big rucksacks.

                                                      For the ‘I’d rather cook than clean.’

Click n clean is a service coming and cleaning for you. Weather you have had a party or gathering. (But let’s be honest no one is currently doing either.) or just in need of a deep clean of a property and don’t know where to start. Why not book a few cleaning sessions from the Click n Clean team. With their amazing service you will not go wrong. And plus who really wants to spend the festive period (or anytime.) doing the cleaning. Not me. 

And those who love to bake:
Vegan Sweets and Treats by me.
A collection of some of my favourite sweets and treats, with a vegan twist. So easy to make not just for yourself but for others. Or buy for family and friends and do a LIVE cook off. 

What gifts or services will you be using this Christmas?
X Alonyo X 


Dear Diary: 2nd Week of November 2020


Dear Diary,

It has a very two weeks. I am currently writing this on a Sunday evening listening to Jaiye Jaiye by Wizkid. (What a tune.)  I have sat in my chair and am so ready to write what I have been up to.

Its been two weeks into the a new book club I am a part of. We are discussing the book Women Don't Owe You Pretty. So far it is a great read and highly recommend it. It is a self help, self care type of book based on experiences of a young woman. Things that most if not all women go through. 

This week has been very exciting as I have a small team working on a business outside of this. Which is so exciting. Sometimes you never realise how much you needed something until you do have it. And the last few days have highlighted a few Eureka moments for sure. 

A clearout, I love a clearout. And with that I mean a wardrobe clearout. Some of which you will find  HERE. Any beauty or cosmetics that are unopened and unused I always give to family and also to WIGS for HEROES

The walks continue, but the exercises have definitely slipped. The motivation is not there anymore and I am struggling sometimes to get up in the mornings. The only thing that I an say is that meditation is the key. I make sure  I meditate in the morning before o start my day and write in my diary as well as meditate before I go to bed. Also the benefit of writing before I go to bed means I can literally dump any feelings I have gathered throughout the day and I sleep so much better for it.

What kind of things do you do to relax? What times of the day do you meditate? 

X Alonyo X 


Christmas Gifts for Her

(This blog post contains affiliate links.)  

Its officially just over 5 weeks until Christmas. I have done most of my Christmas shopping. However my wish list continues to grow. And I am constantly dropping hints to others. Here a few amazing gifts to get the sister, mum,friend,  girlfriend or any woman in your life. These ideas feature all different price points and styles. 

Beauty and Fragrances - The best scents in sets and make up ideas.


Bags- Sometimes all we want is a great bag to carry our life in. (I know I do.) Some of these I own and I know would make a great gift for anyone.


Accessories- Sometimes all you need is that one accessory to lift up an outfit. And if its a designer one using many times, you will be getting you ware out of it. (If the gift were for you.)


Jewellery and watches - Classic pieces to the most functional modern wrist candy. 

What do you intend on getting for yourself? Are there a few pieces that you will be getting for family and or friends?

X Alonyo X 


Christmas Gifts for Him

'Tra la la la la.' Its that time of the year again. And as we get closer to the 25th December no matter how different it may be this year, there are so many gifts that you can give you boyfriend, husband, brother, Dad and Granddad. From the tech geeks to the fashionista we have everyone covered in this Christmas Gift Edit. 

Technology - Gamers  to videographers. 


Fashionista - The simple of accessories to the very needed of a coat. Something for all.

Grooming  - From toothbrushes to the aftershaves, and everything in between.

  One of the great things about buying gits early is that, you are probably guaranteed to get the item on time. And with many deals and discounts either happening at the moment or about to happen, you can always grab a bargain too. Possible get even two great gifts for your loved ones. 
 X Alonyo X 

Winter Style: The Coat and Jacket Edit

(There are some affiliate links within this post.)  

We are fully in Winter. Technically we are in Autumn but some days its colder than others. I am sure the temperature was at 3 degrees at some point during an early morning. So we are in Winter  in the UK. Here are some of the coziest and practical coats and jackets you will need in your wardrobe.

Teddy Coats - The fuzzy, warm and luxurious. Has slowly become a classic in recent years. An investment for years to come. 

Coats- Any length from a practical trench coat to a coat with a hood. Some of the best and simple styles which can layered in this cooler weather. 

Puffer Jackets - A classic in so many ways. I use to wear these in school in a variety of colours. And they are very practical. Some may think for youngsters but anyone can wear them. 

As I find myself walking a lot more. I always want to wear a different coat depending on the walking attire. Some of these I have and some are on my 'to get' list. 
What are your favourite coats? How do you style each coat? 
X Alonyo X 

Dear Diary 2:0

Hi all,  

Uk is on lock down 2:0 and to be honest unfortunately this seems like a normal thing now. Not just here but worldwide. I feel lucky I’m still able to continue in a job I love and am able interact with others on a daily basis. 

Boxpark Eats

The last few days before lock down decided to eat out and just enjoy my life before the Wednesday evening. I’m going to miss the relatively big (6 people) gatherings. But at least I can go on a walk with a friend every now and again. As I’ve mentioned in other blogs before, I am currently into walks. And don’t like to miss out on a good 2 hour walk at least once a week. I’ll put up a post of the places in and around London to do mini hikes. And I promise you, some areas will surprise you.

So what’s been happening this week?
Ended the previous week meal prepping and evenings seem longer. There has been a lot of non work work. And I am slowly getting into a routine. Again I thank my planning and diary for supporting me in getting more done out of my day. In regards to health and fitness, meditation and yoga is my thing. Workouts not so much as I enjoy working in daylight and outside. Guess I have to leave it to the weekends. So my official days off now are Thursdays (as in the evenings) and Sundays.
Meal Prep 

I guess you can call this a comeback. Dear diary is back. Hopefully this will last four weeks. Depending on the lock down situation. The most important thing at the moment is: Stay strong, remain safe and if you need that break to switch off. Then do it, follow your body’s intuition.

Now you have read the hard stuff. I would like to know what you would like to see on the blog? More importantly how are you feeling?

X Alonyo X
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