Taking Time Out : Sept' 2021

 So I decided to take a little time out and take life at an easier pace. I was kinder to my body and mind. My body feels too relaxed now and as much as I love it I know I have to get back into it.

Different things work for different people but the key components are the basics to a more relaxed life.

Doing this at the start and at the end of the day relaxes my mind before the working day. Puts my mind in a state of relax and also prepares for a day of focus.

The power of prayer is so important and really should have hi lighted this point first. I usually do this at the end of the day.

Some may see it as a type of meditating and I suppose it is. I try to do this every day but to be honest when I feel like I need a mind dump I do just that.

As it gets cooler I have shifted my routine. In the height of the summer I would work out in my garden and have been doing that for the last nearly 2 years for obvious reasons. However now I’m back in the gym. 3 days minimum with a relatively flexible schedule.

Organisation: Diary
I love a list but making sure I schedule activities into my day is so important. Otherwise it becomes far too overwhelming for me to continue and get anything done.

What am I adding ?

As my diary becomes packed with events and I am living according to my life of my diary. Because I am an organised soul who loves structure. I prep my food usually on a Sunday, making sure I have minimum 5 meals for the evening as that is how I struggle. (10 meal vegan prep coming soon.) Also 5 day outfit planning is what I do. So I’m not wasting my time during the week.
Homemade Vegan Pizza

Use to love doing this once a week in a different location and haven’t been doing this recently. Need to create a new bucket list and get out there. Aiming for 10,000 steps twice a week. A walk can clear your mind again bringing you to focus and understand a few things.

Phone on flight mode
This is the best thing I’ve decided to do. Throughout my day but mainly on the weekends. Sometimes it’s the feeling of people not having too much access when you don’t want them to. And more importantly it’s peace of mind.

What do you currently do to make sure your mind is at peace? What do you wish to change?

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