What I Have Learnt : Birthday Edition

 I've seen another year. Congratulations to me and mine. I am always so appreciative of the fact that I get to see another day, week, month but a whole birth year is something else. By this point I had planned to write this on my actual birth day, however it is now the 22nd September and we are NEARLY at the end of September. (WOWZERS) 

So what have I learnt.

Let go- There were so many occasions where I would be harboring on about things that were out of my control. And whilst I had learnt to let things go. I need to let EVERYTHING and ANYONE go. Because truth is not every situation is for you and not every one is for you.  

Natures walks: To do more. 

Stay silent- In a world where social media means that you can give your opinion. Not every opinion is warranted, And to be honest not every one needs to know. For now I a only keep some people in my life in the 'know'. 

Turn off- One of my favourite things to do is press the airplane mode on the phone. I mean maybe its something that I am thinking about as I am not travelling anywhere anytime soon. I love those hours, days when I turn off. Phone goes off and so does social media. Just so that I can enjoy those around me. Have the laughs and keep those memories. Obviously the phone comes out though if i need to take a photo,but even that means I need a camera, as I do get distracted. An hour before I get into bed my phone goes off. Anxiety levels come down and my sleep is amazing. 

Baking & Cooking- Is my thing. I love cooking for the masses. I love throwing a bunch of ingredients together and just hoping for the best. As I sit and write this is 18.57  and I feel like making Blueberry and Lime muffins. Like the ones from my book  Vegan Sweets and Treats (CLICK for Link.) Which I am proud of. 

Millennial Brunch to enjoy. 

To concentrate on one - One of the best advice I listened to from a friend. I have come to realise that I have so many ideas and want to start and complete them all at once. But lets be honest that is not the way forward. So had to switch my pattern and change my timetable and alter the diary. 2 days in and it is going great. One thing is for sure a Routine is key. 

Are any of you September babies? Or are you Virgos? And what have you changed as you grow one year older?

 X Alonyo X 


Planning and Plotting : How To Stay Organised


Wow! So we are into a new school year, new work period. Obviously things have changed the way in which we work has changed. Society has changed. But we must continue to work, study and do a variety of activities. 

The last month I have had projects to complete, maintaining a healthy regime, socialising amongst other things. At times it has seemed overwhelming but I have come out of August completing what I needed to complete.  So these are the tips and tricks that I have done to stay organised. 


This is the most important part of how I stay on top of all my work. A well as using my phone diary and other devices, I also use a manual diary in which I write in. Gives me a focus on what I need to do and the intentions of the day or week. 

Here are a few that I like: 

List Making
At the end of every week I prepare a list of the most important things I have to do. 

Make your daily or weekly intentions clear. Set the tasks which need to completed urgently. 

Tick Off
Once you have completed a task, tick it off. Nothing feels better than being able to tick a task off. Especially if it is a task you didn't want to do in the first place.  

Colour code
I colour code most of the tasks, and as I have a few roles, and a few projects to complete. It makes it easier to distinguish each project and task.

Take a break
In between tasks or when you feel yourself getting tired from one task, take a break. Relax, go for a walk, have a cup of tea. In extreme cases if I am at home I will nap for 40 mins. Do what your body feels because there is no point in trying to complete a task if you are tired. 

You may do some form of exercise in the morning or as part of your break. From workouts to meditation it is all great for your body. Exercise rejuvenates the body, Working out is a great way to open the mind. 

What routines have you changed? What exercise do you do? 
X Alonyo X 
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