Friendship 2020 edition

So when I launched my first post about this subject of friendship this is what I had written:

17th September 2017
I celebrated my birthday recently and realised as I get older and somewhat wiser I have come to realise that sometimes its okay to just let people be. The last few weeks has shown me what the definition of friendship really means....

Lets see the definition of  Friendship (Which I googled as you do): "A state of mutual trust and support between allied nations." The word TRUST and SUPPORT are popping out to me. I have come to realise that its not always just that even though those are the foundations to any friendship and relationship. My immediate group of friends I trust and I know I could probably count them on two hands. I think of friends as family you have picked and they have picked you. Whether its old school friends, work colleagues or people you have a common interest with it could be anyone. I think I am at a point in my life where if you don't have neither characteristics then its a "Bye!" (Felicia voice!) "Nice to see you!" 

Putting an age on a friendship means absolutely nothing. People say that how long you have known the person plays a big part on a continuous friendship.I don't agree I have some friendships I that are older than my sister, there are only 2 I value. One of my other amazing friends said "If you have
friends over 7 years they are more than friends they are family." As I mentioned earlier I definitely agree on that front. 

What this article was trying to get at is that I am comfortable with my friends right now. I appreciate them a lot and I hope they know that. 

2nd April 2020
Sister-a female friend.That has chosen you and you have chosen them. (Alonyo Kilama-Oceng)
Fast forward to the present day. And obviously in the current situation maintaining friendships in a face to face way is far more difficult. However there is nothing a Whatsapp Group or House Party room cannot  sort out. In my now older days I have to say not much has changed. I mean, I think I only engage with genuine people now in a personal sense. And although everyone has something going in their individual lives, I know I can call them (my sisters.) and they can call me whenever. From giving me their opinions no matter how harsh at times. To girly  trips abroad . The highs and lows but they always there. Plus we are always in contact with each other. Not only are these ladies my friends but they are my sisters and the appreciation is beyond what I can write.

In recent years I have reconnected with someone who I used to hangout growing up. I think the last time I saw her was when we were 4/5 years. When we saw each other at a function it was like, time hadn't gone by. I mean we are of a certain mature age now but energies matched. So glad I can still call her a sister.
So lucky to have the crew/group/gang I still have. This is more of ANOTHER appreciation for them. After all they say behind every successful woman there is a whole tribe of equally successful women too. 

How are you keeping in contact with your love ones? Are new apps featuring heavily in daily chats?
X Alonyo X


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