Dear Diary October 2021


       Dear Diary,

I know in previous blog posts I say that I love doing these types of posts but then I forget to write them. We are not in December as I sit and write this and wow its nearly there the end of year. So much has changed for of course not just me but many of you reading this.

So what have I been up during the month of October.

Social Events

So many birthdays tend to happen towards the end of the year and I celebrated a few birthdays. There were a few celebration for milestones which have been completed. Which meant many dinners amongst other things. 

Clay making

A few friends and I decided to do a clay and drink session. It was the best time and such a great evening. For £40 each it was a great way to wind down with the girls on a Friday evening. Flexing my creative flair I was not sure what I was going to do. But after another few weeks we also did the painting so awaiting to collect my goods and cannot wait to see how they turned out. 

Gym and Fitness

I was in that gym soo much in October. I had worked out a schedule and would stick to them. The days were still longer so I would do a lot. I managed to lose a little weight which I know now I have put back on. But we go harder next year.


And finally the theme that will carry on forever more. Yes 'Enjoyment'. October seems to be the month where there were sudden amazing changes in my life. And I am riding that wave forever. 

What have you been up to over the last few weeks? Do you enjoy the dear diary series. 

X Alonyo X 


Clearout Challenge: Winter 2021

 So I sit here after an easy weekend. A chilled not on my phone too much weekend. And it dawned on me that a clear out and cleanse is what I needed to start of this month. So I set my self a challenge the 10 day challenge. Cleansing a different space within my home.  


Going through all my shoes and looking at the ones I don’t wear anymore. Those I didn’t go to to wear and those I don’t like anymore and are not my style. If they are in a great condition I may put them up on a site so others can use from time to time.

I have drawers full of lipsticks and mascaras that I don’t use anymore. Some open and others unused. My Aunt loves my make up so if I don’t want it anymore and it’s in good condition I will give it to her. If not I will send unused and unopened items to Wigs for heroes.

Because I do a clothing clear out regularly there was not much I needed to get rid of. However there are a few pieces left on my EBay Depop and Vinted.

Really trying to streamline everything around me. This is a tricky one to clear out because I do feel books are a form of learning. I appreciate the art of reading as an adult but I didn’t as a child that’s for sure. Needless to say managed to get rid of a few books.

As it becomes cooler. I had been sorting out the accessories in which I use and those I haven’t used in a year. Looking at some of the colours and the quality of the items. I was only able to get rid of one accessory which I added to the ‘charity ‘ pile. Reselling a small item like a purse which is in great condition could be someone else’s present.

The Work space
My clear out included clearing out the work space. I receive many notebooks over the year and I but a few more too. This means I have an abundance of them, had to get rid of many that I I found didn’t suit my office style. Curating a space is just as important as clearing out a space.

As it gets closer to the festive period, sometimes I have this overwhelming feeling that I have too much stuff. Flower vases, half burnt candles and stored away ornaments. I get flowers regularly so I have beautiful vases around the home but realised some of which are not my style. So guess what? Getting rid. These types of items though unless someone I know wants it will go to the charity shop.

When I say gifting I mean anything that is wrapping paper, tags and cards. I collect cards in particular because you never know when you will need one. I usually get a load from the card factory. Sometimes I keep cards that are addressed to myself. Once I decide to get rid of them I keep the front cover and rip of the personal message. Collect the front covers and I may use it on my vision board or use it as part of an activity in my professional job.

Just like the clothing I follow the rule that if it’s not my style and doesn’t fit me, I’m getting rid. Underwear will be thrown but pyjamas will be given to charity depending on what state it’s in.
I’m a plain simple to wear kind of a woman. Feeling feminine and pretty but comfortable is my vibe whilst choosing pyjamas.

What to do next....
I love a declutter and cleanse. I tend do do this every few months especially when I feel uninspired. Also when I feel like I’m losing weight some clothes don’t look the same on me so a declutter is what I need. But a declutter is also a great time to see what you have. Familiarising myself with what’s in my possession means that I can be more strategic with what I buy and what I add to my wish lists. Next year I move into creating a more curated wardrobe.
I may put my items on:

How are you getting ready for the festive period? What do you intend to get rid of in the next few weeks?

X Alonyo X
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