Fashion Accounts to follow.


I recently cleaned out my closet and put some items on EBAY . I found a few gems and classic basics which I know I will be able to wear year in and out. Then I decided to write a basic collection list, however I knew I needed a little inspiration. As I was doing some research I decided to have a look at some instagram accounts and blog sites. Here are a list of a few that I am love their style. 

(Click names.) 

1. Charmain Denty 

Fashion forward stylist, based in London. Works on some of the best shoots around. The style is what I would say street, high fashion but pratical and attainable too. Some of the things she wears I know I could never pull off, but an inspiration for sure. 

2. Fisayo Longe 

The owner of Kai Collective, her account is a fashion inspiration. Her dresses and the entire Kai Collective shop is something I want to own at least 80% of for sure. Its the colour and the different patterns and the quality. Slowly slowly I will.


3. Daniel Diyepriye

Fashion owner of his self titled luxury fashion brand. This is one I am already collecting. (blog post coming soon.) Luxury bags in particular without the heavy price tag. you will definitely need something from his collection that's for sure. 

4. Chainky

I came across this account recently. And the artistic and fashion vibes, made me think I had to change my closet immediately. Very high fashion and art. 

I would put a disclaimer to say I am no fashion insider, I love fashion and wear it all the time, but I am no Edwin Enninful (British Vogue editor.). These are the accounts and brands I am loving and look to fill my wardrobe with some of their collections. 

What fashion brand or accounts do you like? What do you think will be the trend of 2021? 

X Alonyo X 


Places I want to Visit in 2021

As I talk to my friends, we have an idea where we would like to go on a girls trip. As the last time we went on one was October 2019.Seems like many years ago but because of the current situation the world it is, many of us haven't been on trips abroad. And I cannot wait until we can resume normal travelling life. With that being said I am not being greedy and have only mention three places I would love to visit this year. Anything more than is bonus.  


My homeland, the mother land. The place I feel most comfortable and most relaxed. Not only will I be seeing love ones. Is the abundance of organic fruit and vegetables that I will be eating. And I cannot wait for this. The hot sweet sun beating against the skin, whilst I sip the coolest mirinda. And if I have to a little bit of work I can with non egg ‘Rolex’s’ on the side. That is a holiday to me. It’s funny because in London I’m a city girl, when I’m in Uganda nothing makes me happier than being in the plush countryside of Kitgum.


This destination has been on my list for the longest time. With its crystal waters and flamingos roaming the beach. Based in the Caribbean, you know it will be warm throughout the year. And I’ve already compiled a detailed itinerary once I do go there.

France: Paris

Could not do a list without one of my favourite cities. First time I went was an 18 year old with my mum as a gift. One of my best gifts and we were only there for a day too. A 2.5 hours journey on the Eurostar from London straight into the French capital. It was the food mainly the bread (my downfall.), the coffees and most importantly the shopping. Ever since I am able to navigate their public transport system like I would do in London. Not to mention it was once the best place to pick up national designer brands like Louis Vuitton, as it was always cheaper than anywhere in the world. (Hopefully this hasn’t changed to much now I write this in 2021.)

Where would you like to visit? Where have you been that you would love to go again?

X Alonyo X

2020 Reflection


This is the last time I write in 2020 and for so many I’m glad it’s coming to an end. For myself I have to say it was a win on many levels. A business venture is about to start and open in the new year. I continued blogging for the most part until it got cooler, than I stopped. I saved more money and taught myself some new transferable skills. Most importantly I spent time with my friends and family(social distanced unfortunately). Although I wish I could have spent time with some more.
Proud of friends and family too, cousins starting new projects, running successful businesses, buying homes all in a pandemic and most importantly being there for family.

What I’m taking into 2021...
Let go
Letting go of negativity and anything that doesn’t sit right in your soul. Letting go of the fakes and ‘snakes’. And also the things that are outside of your control.

From my older blogs which I have taken down. I have always been one for reselling items on Ebay and other websites. But have only ever bought one second hand item. My trusty denim jacket, £10. However I’m currently looking at pieces that will take me from season to season. Alongside this buying wisely is something that I’m more conscious of. From buying more organic, recycled or vegan products to buying more quality pieces which I can wear year in, year out.

Physical health
It started as a way of losing weight and tightening up my body. However I became part of a ‘squad’ and it was more of a mental thing. Gyms were shut and at the beginning of lockdown we weren’t able to even leave the house. So that’s all some of us had. Mentally it was the best thing for me. A little bit of structure as it was more work at home.

Mental wellness
Alongside the exercise, I’m embarked on more meditation daily. And yoga weekly. Stretching out not just my body but my mind. Focuses changed throughout the year and different aspects I was a lot happier. Walking did a lot to my mental too. And talking, talking to family and friends just to let things go.

From my vision board to how I’m feeling. Writing is the best way I can let everything out. I have so many notebooks for various business ventures but for also ‘dumping’ what’s in my mind, clearing all mental fog.

Business energy
2020 meant that I alongside a lot of others had more time. Not necessarily because I didn’t have a job, as I did . But because I wasn’t going to work everyday and saved on commuting time. So decided to work on a few goals of the year. One was to write a recipe Ebook. Which I enjoyed doing and creating the desserts. To taking another business venture to the next level, alongside opening an establishment. The hustle continues and the goals have changed but the main thing is to build on the foundations in which have been set.


X Alonyo X 
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