Whats New: 2024

 Here we are in 2024. Lets start of with a disclaimer like I do most things when I feel a change happening. I want to be back in a routine and doing the blog posts more. I love writing on here on my corner of the internet. There are going to be a few additions and changes to what you see here.


I have decided to do 4 blog posts a month. Blog posts on topics that I love whether it be fashion, lifestyle and or business. There will be a hiatus about March/April time where I redesign the website as I want it to represent more of me.


A magazine series which will be starting soon on the blogs. Featuring Musicians, Business Owners, Models and people I am generally interested in. Talking about their stories. I have always wanted to do a series like this. And though 2024 what a time. The series will go out once a month, probably at the end of each month. Its a dream list of mine. The first interview will go out on 31st January 2024.  SO STAY TUNED. 

Lets get it 2024. What are your plans and goals for 2024? What are you taking into the new year?

Its going to be a blesses and exciting new year!

X Alonyo X 

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