Diary Week 3: Plodding Through

Friday 10th April 2020

Wow, here I am writing about the last week shenanigans. How are you all? And what have you been up to?
Breakfast of champions

I have been thinking how I am going to write this weeks diary entry. I was caught between writing like: on Monday I did this.....  Or Throughout the week I did.....

I started my Friday with a workout in the sun. Which was amazing to say the least. I have started to enjoy working out in the heat. By the time the online workout sessions start the Sun is at its highest and therefore very hot. It intensifies the workout no end. Talk about workouts Mondays (6th April) session humbled me to the point I had to crawl up the stairs in the house.
The best drink ever. 

I haven't really done alot of baking. Not as much as previous weeks. As I too be honest I have not really had the time. If I haven't been working on these projects and doing online courses, I have been resting and relaxing. Letting my mind wonder from time to time has been incredible to say the least.
Product shots in the sun

The weekend it was warm and the sun was out. So I decided to take a few product shots for the blog. Having ticked it off the list of things to do. I was ecstatic  I also managed to do my  only shop of the week. It is a strange kind of weird when you are allowed your personal space when shopping. Of course it is for the good of everyone but it is a nice feeling.
A perfect salad

Wednesday was the day I didn't manage to sit at the laptop to do any work. Why I hear you ask? Well because it was an open all of the delivery day. As well as organise and declutter. And as I sit here to write this I still have a pile of clothes on my chair in on are of the room. Am I going o tackle it? We shall see if I can be bothered by the end of the day.

But an exclusive for you all is that I am in the process of launching something in the within 2 weeks. And I am so excited to do so.

On to the new week. Lets goo.
I hope you are all staying safe. Let me know what you have been up to? 
X Alonyo X

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