Dublin: Rewind

.... The Photo album...

I have lost count into these isolation days. I probably shouldn't but I do find myself flicking through old photos and videos. Mainly of holidays and trips away. Again another form of escapism that's giving me the reminder that when this is all over, I am travelling even more.

Back in April 2017 of 2017, I headed with my best friend to Dublin for a few days. And this is what we got up to. Before you scroll down and have a look at the photos. Small disclaimer: There are no reviews of restaurants as it was over 3 years ago now. Enjoy............

Leading up to Dublin Castle

The chandelier in Dublin Castle

The beautiful hallway in Dublin Castle 

The Guinness Factory

The Courthouse by the jail. 

Scary jail doors. 

Ancient Jail doors

The oldest prison in Dublin

Inside the jailhouse. 

Before the execution area. 

Beautiful lights in Dublin Castle 

More lights 

Guinness Factory

Artifacts at the factory

In the factory

 Dublin is 100% a place to visit.....
Which cities have you visited? Why not share some photos over on the socials, lets reminisce together. 

X Alonyo X

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