London: Places to Walk

 One of the things and I’m sure I have written about it. Is that I love to walk. Long walks and short walks. Walks with a view of just city walks seriously enjoying what is on the doorstep. There have been so many local hotspots that I would pass on the car. It now I have been able to explore. Because let’s face it once upon a time that was all we were ‘allowed’ to do.

Hampstead Heath
It’s the homes and properties around the Heath for me. No it’s not it’s the little boutiques surrounding the Heath, no it’s the views. Hampstead Heath is one of the biggest and the best outdoor spaces situated in North West of London. With entrances  in different pockets of that part of London. There is so much to see. Woodland of the Heath is amazing for playing hide and seek with friends and family. So much wildlife from the birds to the Deers and the beautiful swans. Did I mention the views of the whole of London from various points in Hampstead Heath. You can see everything from there.

Alexandra Palace
I’m not sure what the park or green area around the palace is called. Nonetheless there are some exceptional views from this palace which is based in North London. With some shaded wood areas there is also flat greenery perfect for picnics. One of the days I went there there was a farmers market close by which was nice. And I had the most delicious doughnut. Nice little thing to do on a Sunday afternoon before heading
home for Sunday dinner.

HW common
Most towns in London have a common. But near to where I used to live. There is a lot of wildlife to be see . I’ve walked to this particular common before and and then spent hours there. But on occasion it gets waterlogged and it’s sometimes fun to get the wellies out and have a little walk.   

Where have you been walking? What other activities have you been doing outdoors?
XAlonyo X


  1. Hampstead is a local to me and I've actually been there this morning - I love it! It feels like being in a forest but within London x

    1. Hampstead Heath and the surrounding shops are amazing, especially on a slightly fresh weekend. x


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