Tips on Sustainability: June 2021


Sustainability has been thrown around in the lowest of terms. Some even saying it’s been a buzz word, dare I say it a fashionable word. Whether I say it or not, I continue to be more and more sustainable. A few things I have learnt along the way and through other blogs. Where some I have adapted to my current needs and then maintained them.


This could be a plastic bottle or an item of clothing. With plastic bottles you can use them and use them until they are completely ruined. Further still store things in them first before trying to recycle them. With clothes if it is an item that is old and tatty, you can cut them up and use them as cleaning cloths around the house. Save yourself some money and use it as cleaning rags.

Glass instead of plastic
Plastic is great because it doesn’t break and in some cases maybe cheaper. Glass on the other hand because it is made from sand particles is already better for you to drink from and use. Glass bottles will last longer. All my juices which I make I decant into glass bottles. Can even use the glass jars as mini flower vases. I have two one on each side of the bed. I love my flowers and try to keep them as long as I can. 

Eat more fruit and veg.
Although I am nearly Vegan it’s easier for me to say ‘Just eat more fruit and veg’ . It’s a process but for sure. Add different fruit and vegetables to your meals. By eating less meat you are reducing greenhouse emissions, it’s really that simple. The other day I added raspberries to a basic salad with cucumber lettuce and tomatoes and voila best salad ever. I have also got some recipes here at (link cookbook.)

Turn off
When you leave a room turn the lights. After you have watched tv turn it off at the mains. I will go as far to say turn the Wifi off before you go to bed. Wifi is powerful at the best of times and although we may need it during the day for listening to music, watching YouTube and even working through zooms, why do we need it when we are going to sleep.

One of the easiest ways of getting around. Hopping into a car is more convenient but walking can be great to clear your mind not just the air. Or take public transport, that’s one way of reducing pollution.

These are some of the things I regularly do. The biggest change I have made though is the storage of my food in glass containers. Sometimes it is heavier to take out with me but so much more worth it. As I realise the impact I am having on the environment.

What kind of changes do you continue to make in your life?
XAlonyo X

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