Tips on Dealing With Stress

 As we go back to a 'normal' social life and life in general, some of us may be going through the motion of feeling anxiety and stress. Recently I have been feeling the latter more and have slowly been able to deal and manage stress levels.  I recognised that stress came from work, life balance. So here are some of my tips to deal with stress. 

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Tip 1: Exercise

This one I have to say, is just so crucial to my day. I enjoy working out in the morning before I start my day. It gets me thinking and it destresses me and somewhat relaxes me to. From Yoga to Hiit. Most of last year I was out of the gym and maintained my workouts. However having recently joining the gym again I am back switching my exercise between  both. 

Tip 2: Hydrate

You may not realise that drinking water is so good for you.  Its generally good for you and there's something about a chilled bottle of water that is so soothing for me. Alongside that drink teas, I tend to draw for fruity teas with a spoonful of honey. Night tea from Pukka is great to have in the evenings before bed because it has scents of  lavender, which I love. 

Tip 3: Mediate

Whether it is 5,10 or 60 minutes meditation is so integral in controlling your stress levels. In the morning as soon as I get out of bed I meditate for 10 minutes as I need to get my mind right for the day. I also will do 30 minutes at the end of the day. Light some candles and incents and the instant feeling of relaxation will surround you.


Tip 4: Write 

One way of destressing I find is by writing. I have a notebook in my beside drawers. If I feel stressed out I write all my thoughts before bed. And I sleep so much better for it. Same way when I wake up and if I have a lot on my mind that also gets written up so I can reset before the start of a working day. Another thing is to write lists, the todo lists and having them ticked off is so satisfying. It allows you to focus on important tasks but then makes you feel great when you have achieved the rest too.


Tip 5: Outdoor

I have come to realise that taking a walk during breaks whilst working on assignments has allowed me to destress my mind a bit more. Now the weather is warmer and the days are longer, if you can work out in the outdoors do so. I recommend it. It may be the sounds of the birds depending on where you live or just being in fresh air. Not only that it is a change of the working scenery which may be what you need to de stress. 

What works for you? What other activities do you suggest in order to destress?

X Alonyo X 


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