Dear Diary: May 2021

I know we are way into the month of June, a lot  has been happening and wanted to share a few of the last month with you. 

Dear Diary  

Love this style of writing so will be doing this every so often on the blog. So here it is.....

TikTok Hype
So I recently went to a restaurant in the North West London area. And saw the Instagram stories and TikTok videos. As much I would like to do a full review I’m not going to. Just a learnt lesson. I thing too deep but please do your own research. And don’t trust some of the reviews on tripadvisor. Because there are ways of restaurants to get around securing excellent reviews.

So as we are moving towards lesser and and no restrictions seeing a lot more people out and about is just what we need. The sun has been shining recently and I am so here for it. Hopefully this continues into the next few weeks in fact I hope it continues into the height of the summer.

I have been slacking. And I feel it in me. From my behavior and attitude. But will get there. Looking to go back once my routine is bit more flexible.
28th May: Have done exercise for the last 3 days and I feel so good about it.

I’m getting my teeth into the blogposts that I have planned. The content that I intend to create I’m looking forward to. All the new concepts and the ideas that I have written just need to put into action.

What have you been up to recently? Do you like this style of writing?

X Alonyo X


  1. Lovely May you had! I too have been more motivated to exercise because the day is so nice. Hope you have a lovely summer x

    Lynn |

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