Hi October !

 Doing things a little different on the blogs. Or at least trying something different.

                October, second day in and already can feel the chill in the air. (For the last few weeks.)

                Cinnamon warming, candle burning, Hocus Pocus watching and meal prep Sundays. 

                Those are some of the words that remind me of October and Autumn. 

                 This month I will be sharing the following :

                 Meal prep ideas.

                 30 day Declutter challenge 

                 Weekday recaps.


                Working wardrobe ideas on a budget. 

              The theme this month is focus, restructure and fitness. 

 X Alonyo X 


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  1. I'm dying to watch Hocus Pocus! Hope you have a great October :)

    Corinne x


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