What December 2022 looks like .......


Hey all, 

It's been a very long while since I decided to type out a blog post. But I am so glad I am back in this space of inspiration. I have more time in the day to do what I love, and I do love writing these posts. 

So here on AlonyoKilamaOceng.com there will be a post every weekday from today until Christmas Eve. Why I hear you say... The reason is because I want to and feel this will spur me on to blog more regularly on here. After all this is my space on the world wide web. (Why do I feel old writing it like that.) 

Not everything in these BLOGMAS posts will be Christmas related but more of a celebration of all the things I would like to write about. Some I had started at some point this year but had not finished. And I cannot wait to share with you. 

So here is to December 2022. 

X Alonyo X


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