Life Lessons : Bday Edition 2022

 Its only right that I share a few things now that my birthday is here. Another eventful 365 days around the sun. And I have learnt even more about life I suppose. 

Mental Wellness- The most important thing is to make sure that my mental is well. Doing things that release all the stress and tension has become a priority to me. From yoga and working out and a nice brisk morning walk. Fresh air in my lungs is what I love. 

No Social Media - There are some days when I feel mentally exhausted. And decide to 'offload' various apps. I do so for sometimes an entire weekend or a lot longer depending on how I am feeling. Plus living in the moment is the way forward. One day I will get to a point when I have no phone days.

Friendships- This past two years I have many friendships go. But also started a few. And I am so content with the close ones I have around me. 

No Make up- Love a no make up day. But also recently condensed my make up collection. I have my classic products I use. And I know what works with my skin that I have got rid of everything else. Living a less cluttered life. 

This was a short and sweet one for my Bday Life lessons. The most important thing I have learn is just have fun and live your best life!!

X Alonyo X 


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