How to be Organised

 I have written 'How to Be Organised' tips and tricks a few times. But this is my 2022 guide on how I am maintain order and organisation in my life. Just a small disclaimer this is what works for me but you can try if you want. 

LISTS -Because you can tick the things you have done off. And that's one of life's best feelings, accomplishments. 

GOAL SETTING -Make it past of the lists or set aside from the list. Give you a focus and aim. Once accomplished its the best feeling. 

DIARY- Get one or use one. I use an actual diary which I can write in. If I am out and about without my diary it will get noted on my phone, then transferred to the diary.

COLOUR CODE- The most important parts of my life get different colours so I stay within my boundaries. And its Aesthetically pleasing to me, and anyone who wants to have  a nosey in my diary.

SCHEDULE- Like a diary schedule certain days or times of the das for particular tasks. 

PRIORITISE YOURSELF- This is probably the most important part of being organised. Without making sure your ok, you wont be able to be a successful organiser. 

I remember going to school and one of my teachers giving me the scheduling tip. And I laughed at her. Funny what you remember and take forward as an adult though. 

 How do you stay organise? Are you in school/uni/ college or going back to work?

X Alonyo X  


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