Its May


The first day of May, and MAY I start by apologising for the lack of blogging I have been doing. For those who continue to read the blog posts a big thank you. 

Let me do a quick round up of all the things that I have been up to:

Health and Fitness

My fitness levels are going back up and I am slowly noticing the difference. I have cancelled my gym membership quite recently as I prefer to go for runs and workout in the garden. In fact one day I carried 10kg around in the shopping center and forgot I had even bought them. Please believe it was a workout. My eating has not slowed down but the portion sizes have reduced and I am eating more fruits. When it becomes warmer I love eating fruit.

Fashion buys

As I have several events and many trips planned in the next few months, which I cannot wait for. There are many things which are slowly making their into my wardrobe or I have recently bought. 


I know at the beginning of the year I had written that I was going to do a lot more of this. And for a while in my defence I had been. But life kicked in and not that I didn't want to but. There just has not been enough time to relax recently. This blog is a chilled space for me where I can write and share anything I want. 

Close to my heart

One day I will write an entire blog about this on how and why this cause is so close to my heart. But I started something towards the end of April. Please take a look...... Period Poverty

Short and sweet round up of the past few weeks and what's coming up.

What have you got planned  this month? 

X Alonyo  X


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