Wales : A photo story

Its a travel blog. In my head I have 'bigged' this one up. Why? Because its a travel blog. And there are some more coming that have been planned. Do you love the fact that the world has opened up? I do and will be enjoying it. 

So drove up to Wales, which from where I am took about four hours. Yes I know it is still on the main land of the UK, but it is a lot different to the London suburbs in which I am used to.

The drive there was smooth but made a few stops along the way. Admittingly we probably made a few more than we needed but at least one stop is important. We were met with the beautiful sunset on the Welsh coast. The terrains are so very different. On the left we had the highest looking cliffs and then on the right we had the beach. 

Where we stayed was very close to alot including a huge Asda. So any comforts and when i say comforts i mean food. Any comforts which we needed we knew where to go. 

Managed to get up very late in the morning and decided to do the have a good walk and then home for a Welsh roast dinner. Dinner did not happen until 9pm and possibly afterwards as we did not  plan. But all part of something to remember.

We stopped along the way to a part of mount Snowdon. And let me tell you the houses we saw were those that you see on British boxes of sweets and chocolates. 

To be out in the wilderness as it were was fun. And I needed it for my mental. So Wales was a very welcomed experience. 

As we went in the winter months there was not  that much to do. We lucked out because it was sunny most of the time we were there.  

If  you live in the UK, Wales is a place you should visit for sure. 

Where are you visiting this year? Are there any on your bucket list? 
X Alonyo X

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