Health is Wealth

 April is here and it’s crazy to think that we have nearly completed a third of the year. As the world has opened up after a particular CVid word put a stop to it. Events and holidays have been booked I and will be attended. That being said I’ve had to make some changes to my health regime and it hasn’t gone the way in w high I had planned. Let’s get brutally honest here and say it’s got bad. GYM non existent and home workouts when I can be bothered the only thing I’ve done is Netball. So I have had to restructure and re focus, and recommit to my healthy ways. And here is how, if I can do it so can you.

There is nothing more I can say other than do it. Anytime any place.
I meditate every morning once I’m awake. Gives me a refreshed way of looking at a new day. Even if for 10mins it’s worth it.
I try to walk anywhere. It’s easier when it’s sunnier and dry. But also there is something refreshing about walking in the rain. And you know how the UKs weather is so you just adjust.
Online Fitness
For times that I need inspiration or don’t want to go to the gym. I do online fitness through an app. The Live sessions are the best think of a rave but with exercise and no one is watching you ‘skank’ out.
As it becomes warmer I stay away from the gym I prefer to workout out in the garden. However a current direct debit from my account says I should go at least twice a week because I am paying for it. But mainly when the weather is bad or I want an early morning session I will go to the gym. And I feel great once I’ve been.
Not for everyone I agree and even when I started it again I thought ‘You are not 14 anymore.’ But I love it and my fitness levels have improved Instantly. It’s a fresh way of encouraging my fitness whilst socialising with new people. The best thing I have ever done.
I’m eating cleaner in many ways. I love a fully loaded salad and I make my own home made breads. And surprisingly I’m eating more green based vegetables. (As I write this I’m even more surprised that I am writing it.)
Water, water, water. But if I have to drink juices and smoothies I make them myself. Not only do I know what I’m putting in them in regards to sugars and what fruit I like. I am also saving money by doing so. And with a decent smoothie sometimes you don’t have to eat as much during the day as they are very filling.
Again a disclaimer in saying I am not a nutritionist, doctor, nurse or personal trainer. However these are things that work for me. It’s all trial and error. But mental health is just as important and body health.

As the cliché saying goes health is wealth. 
Link to my recipe book: Vegan Sweets and Treats
Would you like me to share my new recipes? How are you changing up your fitness now it’s getting warmer?

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