Its Spring......

Sitting here writing this as the clouds are upon us but I can hear the chirping of the birds. I look to find my blossoming daffodils. Yes Spring is here.

It’s here and I have been taking a small break from social media. (A week at this point.) And it feels good. I will be writing a whole post about this but I didn’t think I had it in me.
The days are longer and slightly warmer and I can’t wait for my morning walks. Currently in the midst of a huge declutter and organise. Because my brain has been foggy for the last month and it just helps me to clear. There are a lot of things I have switched up just for the mental and my entire wellness.
I’m still on the verge of creating a capsule wardrobe and also a minimal fashion wardrobe. But I also realise that I love fashion so it’s posing more difficult than I thought. I’ve added to my wardrobe recently. With brands that I never thought I would be so excited about.
March is always the refresh start of a month. The month when you feel like you want to wear brighter colours and dare I say it floral prints. The month when some give things up for lent. I’m giving up bread and adding sugar to my drinks. For forty days may I add. I’m wishing myself luck at this point.
Currently my work schedule is changing for the better. Again I’ll be writing a whole new post about this too.
Here are some links to a few things……
What are you changing up this Spring?
X Alonyo X

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  1. I am not changing anything but I do love the vibe of which Spring brings. A positive change and yes that longer daylight! Good luck with giving up bread, I know that can always be a bit tricky, at least for myself lol. I hope you are having a great weekend : )


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