What's Been Happening August 2021

 What’s been happening….

So the last month has been pretty crazy. There have been a few life changes and adjustments but I am here, I am blessed. 

Fitness and health

One word is disgusted. I am disgusted in myself that I have not been working out as hard as I usually should. My eating has also been disgusting too. And now on my blog I am holding myself accountable of these things. I will do better and I intend to start tomorrow. (I write this on a Sunday Afternoon) I will start the gym tomorrow and continue with my daily workouts. I’ve set myself a monthly goal and I’ll be getting there. 

Business Ownership

This one needs its own blogpost. (Which I will be doing soon.) Most if not all entrepreneurs and CEOs will understand that nothing ever plans out how it needs to plan out. And believe me when I say the mountains I have had to climb and for somethings to go against me has been character building for sure. 

Out and about

The world has opened up for sure. Apart from the borders to the countries I want to travel to. So unfortunately for me I’m stuck in the UK for a while. However I’ve ticked a few restaurants from my list and other activities in which I can do here. And will continue to do so over the next few weeks. 


I’ve been doing lots of clearouts over the last few weeks. Only because my space just feels so cluttered with stuff. If the last 2 years has taught me anything is that I don’t need a lot of the things that I have. And like most people I keep on going back to the same items of clothing or shoes and bags. In regards to furniture my style has totally changed and most of the things just don’t suit me anymore. For a few bargains head over to: (click the links to find a bargain.)
 EBay Depop or Vinted

What’s next

I enjoy writing this what’s next in regards to the blog because I can and you can hold me to account.  I have one little project that I will be launching by the end of year. As we head into the final 5 months of the year there is so much to happen.  Set those goals and smash them. That’s my intention for the last few months of 2021. 

What have you been up to? Where have you been travelling to? 

XAlonyo X 


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