Tips on Decluttering Your Wardrobe

Every month I do a clear out of my wardrobe. And believe me when I say it is one of the best feelings in the world. To get rid of things you do not use or need. Clearing your space and your mind. You know what they say 'A clear space is a clear mind.' Here are a few tips I do whilst decluttering and having a good old clear out of my wardrobe. 

1 Put some music or your favourite movie in the background. A movie that is fun or even a YouTube Video that will give you some inspiration. I tend to put a house music playlist or Disney film.

2 Get all the clothes and shoes, bags and accessories out and put them on a clean floor. Then you can see all you have. Take all clothes of the hangers and empty any storage containers which hold the clothes in.
Everything out and lay on the floor. 

3 Once everything is out. As yourself these questions:
    Does it fit?
    Have I worn in the last 6 months?
    Is it my style?
If the answer to any of these or all of these questions is NO. Then put it in the GET RID pile.

4 If you come across similar garments in the same colours and style, maybe consider getting rid of one. Preferably the one that looks more worn out.

5 Also ask yourself these questions:
   Is it worn out?
   Do I have another one of these?
   Do I like it?
If the answer to any of these is YES. Then get rid of it.

6 If you are unsure about any item of clothing try them on in front of the mirror, If you feel good wearing it or holding it in your hand then keep it.

7 When you are going through the clothes that you do not want any more. Think about if you would like to give to charity, family or sell.

8 Now you have the clothes you would like to sell think about where you can sell it. Depending on the item. I have a few of my ex wardrobe items on EBAY.   

Try and get everyone in your household to do it. Having some more time of our hands means we can do the tasks that we tried to put off.
And organised.
What are your golden tips? Is it difficult for you to get rid of clothes? 
X Alonyo X 


  1. Great post! I would defo recommend using depop to sell clothes at you can categorise things really easily!

    1. Thanks for reading. I do like a good declutter.

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