June 2020: It has flown by.

(Written sometime in June.) 

Can you believe it is the end of June already. In the UK we are coming into the fifth month of lock down. As it becomes less restrictive, socialising with friends is becoming more of the normal, more shops are opening and so are some restaurants but with delivery services. There are more people out and about going to work too. 

The month of June took a new and different approach in hair maintenance for me. From doing my own weave which did not turn out that great. But at least I tried. To doing braids. I call it Crooky Boxy braids. (The Alonyo hybrid attempt of a braid.) But its all good because fresh hairstyles awaits not just for me but the entire population if they need a hairdresser. As hairdressers open on the 4th of July. 

I have been to a few small gatherings with friends. Which have been fun and which is  what I needed. Doing the Zoom parties was great in the beginning but to be honest that's not really my thing. So I am glad we can socialise on a slightly bigger scale now, with social distancing restrictions still. Alongside this I have been taking in more what nature has to offer. As well as a lot of baking and cooking. 

June has also seen the amazing open talk about racism. And it is so refreshing to see and hear the young of all backgrounds standing not only for what is right but also what they believe in. After all children and the young are the future. 

How are you all doing? 
X Alonyo X 


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