The Pink Hues....

Because its a Pink Day.

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As I become older and I would like to think somewhat more experimental. I am starting to appreciate the colour pink. Pink clothes, pink acessories and pink accents in the home. 

Now I have done the thing of putting myself on a 6 week ban from buying any clothes, bags or shoes. But that does not  mean that you cannot buy them yourself though. However last month I did decide to buy these:  

Some of the items I have brought over the last few weeks. 
(Click the photo for the link.) 

And while some of us are slowly getting to socialising with friends whilst maintaining, social distancing and also going back to offices. A few pieces that I have been eyeing up are as follows.


 I wanted to go on and on with a huge list, but I feel there are a few pieces for a different blog post and also for the time when I am buying again. Theses were some of the most standout pink items I have seen. 6 Week ban may be broken though. (EEK)

What kind of colour palettes are you into? And how do you incorporate the colour pink into your wardrobe. 
X Alonyo X

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