Hi everyone,
www.alonyokilamaoceng.com is back in different settings and with a very different outlook. It has taken me a while to redesign this blog. For a while I had lost enthusiasm in writing for a variety of reasons. Namely because I didn't have time to focus on the blog and give it the attention I thought it needed. But not to worry I have redefined a schedule and relighted my passion for writing in this way.

Selfie: 1 of many. 

I sit here and write this on  Thursday the 26th March 2020. Today has been a nice day weather wise but we as the human race find ourselves in a very different and somewhat uncertain situation. (To be honest I am writing this is a slight diary form so I can come back and have a look.) Here we are March 2020, I am ready for this. Ready to give the world or at least those of you, who are reading this a space for escapism. Fun, happy, honest and light is what you will get on my blog.

So here goes! I aim to put out posts twice a week. (Please do forgive me if that changes.) Featuring a range of topics. With photos to add and the odd link.  If there is anything that you would like to be discussed or products you would like to see reviewed. YOUTUBE VOICE : "Leave a comment down below." I have secretly always wanted to say that, without even having a channel. Lets go....

Xx Alonyo xX 

Pink Dress - Similar 


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