Why it's taken too long......


At the beginning of the year I told myself I’m going to throw myself back into my blog. At one point I enjoyed writing on the blog daily or at least weekly, with ideas of topics swirling in my head constantly. The life hit and my routine was halted, the interest had gone. All the topic ideas that I once had I wasn’t interested in writing about anymore. I looked at this blog more as a chore than something I love. One thing about me is that if something that was once fun seems like work or a chore, I don’t want to do it.

Recently people have been sending me links about certain advice from my website. And I thought ‘wow, I wrote that for someone going through something similar.’ I enjoyed writing my posts. Sometimes it was therapy for my soul. As my mind has had a HUGE reset and my life is in a whole new routine which I am loving. Why not get back to something that I am enjoying soooo very much.

Every week there will be a post. (Someone hood me accountable please.)


X Alonyo X

meanwhile a little something is happening on my DEPOP!!!

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