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October  is coming to an end. And that means only one thing. Cooler weather and shorter days. I love when the season change and the thought of wearing jumper dresses and puffer jackets actually excites me. But having a small space for to store my clothes I need to do swaps, declutter and organise every few months.

Here are my new and up to date tips as we move into autumn and winter.

  1. Get EVERYTHING out. All clothing, shoes and accessories need to come out even the items for the next seasons. Have them out so that you can see what you have.
  2. DECCLUTTER. This is the aspect which may take the longest. Ask yourself questions : Do I like it? Does it fit? Is it wearable? Does it suit your style? If you answer no to any of these questions then it is time to get rid of the item.
  3. So you have the pile of items that you don’t want anymore. The next thing is to decide where each of the items go. Any good quality items can be sold on DEPOP. Giving someone else the opportunity to wear what you don’t want. And it’s also nice to make some extra money.
  4. Clothes that are unwearable can be used in other ways. If parts of the fabric used is in good condition then cut into pieces and can be using as cleaning cloths around the house. Or if there is a lot of fabric in great condition take to a local school to be used in their Early Years department.
  5. Once you have decided what to get rid of from both seasons. Pack up the Spring/Summer clothes and items. I have been using these bags and labelling them. Just in case I need them for holidays. Pack them away with the labelling facing you so you know what you need to access if you require them before the season changes.
  6. Organise the Autumn/Winter items. Now you can see what you have. Each type of clothing has its section.
  7. Make a list of items you may need for the cooler months. And always have a look to see if you can get a further discount especially if you don’t need it immediately.

And voila Autumn/Winter wardrobe has been placed. Honestly this is the best time for me I regards to fashion. However some may say all I wear is black. But I love it.

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What items are you still wearing? What items are you looking forward to purchasing?
   XAlonyo X

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