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As life slowly goes back to normal. And when I mean normal I mean commutes to work and being travelling coming with less restrictions. I find myself listening to more podcasts rather than having the time to watch them. Don't get me wrong a good YouTube video of some of the podcasts is great because you can bounce of the vibes of those involved. But some of 'tea' that you get from the ones you listen to can be inspiring and sometimes funny. Here are my top 3 podcast I am listening to or watching currently. 

5 Roundz Podcast 

Young men and women discussing a range of topics. Some more explicit than others but it  has opened the way I think and also how I approach some situations. Also it has it share of comedic value too. With the various presenters from time to time  they highlight the different views and supports open discussion. They also do spaces on twitter, which on a Saturday evening if you are not out is always a laugh. It can also go on for a few hours , such an interesting space. 

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Diary of a CEO

I have only just recently come to notice this particular podcast. Hosted by Steven Bartlett a Dragons Den investor. He interviews some of the most popular 'self made' millionaires and entrepreneurs. And sometimes that all I need to inspire me and my future endeavors. Him and the guests he  interviews have such a wide range of facts, tips and experience which they talk about. Any young inspiring business owner should listen to. 

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The Receipts

An all women hosted podcast. Discussing a range of topics including relationship dilemmas. It feels like your listening to your friends. And whilst there are some advice giving gems they also discuss current topics too. This is the podcast that I get weird looks for, why because if I am listening to it with my in ear buds, people think I am laughing to myself. More fool them because I probably am chuckling to what's being said in the podcast. 

Podcast Link 

Are there any podcasts that you have been listening to recently? How inspiring are they? Why do you listen to them? 

X Alonyo X 


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