Wardrobe Clearout Pre Spring 2021

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Spring is just about ready to spring into the UK. (See what I did there?) And what a better time to get rid, I mean I love a clearout. This one took me 6 hours, should have time lapsed it. Anyways here are my tips and trips and a small summary of me getting rid of things. 


This is The most difficult part of decluttering are the clothes. I empty out all the close on my wardrobes my closet and from my racks. I go through every single item of clothing anything that fits I keep. Anything that is too big I get rid of. And also things that are too tight I get rid of too. On occasion there may be patterns that do not fit with my style anymore they also must go. As I start to come into my own fashionable style I have realised certain things that my body likes and other things that my head likes therefore I have to make a conscious decision of what to get rid of all the time.

How do I get rid of my clothes
So there are many things that I do. I do not like to just chuck my clothes away so I may offer it to family and friends that they can have a look tray and see what they like. Also I may sell my items on sites like eBay Depop and vintage. If there are any clothes that are not fit for wearing I may cut them up myself and IOU so for various things. Scrap bits of material and fabrics can always go to school or nursery nearby as they will also use it for various projects. If not I will take it to the nearest charity shop.

Knickers bras and socks

In my big age the embarrassment of going through this even though I am not taking a video anything with holes get rid. Anything that’s lost its colour get rid. Funny looking bands get rid.  Unmatched or unpaired socks get rid. If it’s a bra with no matching bottoms I get rid of it. However sucks if you only find one side and if you have a few collect and take to your nearest nursery I have it on good authority that they make a lot with socks.

Beauty and skincare
It’s very rare that I get rid of anything that is in my beauty and skincare. But just on the off chance I do I take them all out and I check for any sell by dates or use by dates. If I’m within the use by dates and I haven’t use a product I will clean it down and upload it to any of my eBay is a Depop account. Also I may give it to family and friends and I will create a box which will be sent to Wigs for heroes.

Again also sorting this out it’s very very rare for me. Only because I do not buy these things that often. For example the bags they are great investment pieces for me so it’s rare that I will sell them. However recently I have purchased a brand-new phone which is bigger than my current clutches is so therefore I have to get rid of quite a few small bags. Are there accessories I buy if I really like them and therefore it is again it’s very rare that I will get rid of scarfs hats and gloves. However if I do I will be sending them on my eBay my Depop on my vinted account.

I collect a lot of magazines are used to collect any magazines and had a whole stack but now I only keep those with icons up and people I know I love. From family edits to limited edition vote covers that is what I keep. I continue to get rid of them on a regular basis. I may sell some. If not are use for my vision boards. Or I donate to local schools and nurseries or to fashion students.

So whether it is an item of clothing or a pair of shoes There are so many ways of getting rid of your item clothing. From selling it on eBay deep up and Vinted to giving it to family and friends or donating to charity.

What do you do with your old clothes or shoes or old bags let me know...

X Alonyo X


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